3,100 deaths from Covid-19 in 24 hours, the number of deaths in the US nearly 50,000

The pastor prays for an elderly patient suspected of having corona virus in Oklahoma state. Photo: Reuters.
The pastor prays for an elderly patient suspected of having corona virus in Oklahoma state. Photo: Reuters.

The number of deaths from corona virus infection in the United States is approaching 50,000 after more than three months since the country first recorded the infection.

According to April 23 statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the number of Covid-19 patients who died in the US in the past 24 hours was 3,176 cases.

This is the highest daily increase in deaths in the US since the country first detected the case on January 20 in Washington state.

The number of deaths updated on April 23, is counted until 20:30 the same day (US time). The total number of deaths from the country’s coronavirus infection has reached 49,759.

The United States is the world’s most serious outbreak of Covid-19, with a total of more than 866,000 cases, up nearly 26,900 from April 22. Given the widespread lack of testing, the actual number of infections and deaths may be statistically higher, according to AFP.

Last week, the United States had two “dark” days in a row with 4,591 deaths on April 16 and 3,856 cases on April 17. However, these data include many “suspected” cases of corona virus and have not been synthesized from scratch. Therefore, the figure of 3,176 statistics on April 23 is considered the highest official number of deaths / day with corona virus infection.

According to Reuters, the average daily death of the US has reached 2,000 people. Despite alarming figures about the disease situation, several states in the US, such as Georgia and Texas, are planning to reopen their businesses, easing measures to limit social exposure.

State officials still struggle with a shortage of test kits, medical supplies such as patient sample sticks and ventilators, and not enough manpower to track cases.

More than 26.5 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the past 5 weeks. According to Reuters, this figure means that all the jobs created during the longest “employment boom” in US history in the past few years have been wiped out because of Covid-19.

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