33 cases of Coronavirus in California, 8,400 people were followed

Sanitation workers work in the Chinese neighborhood in San Francisco. Photo: Getty.
Sanitation workers work in the Chinese neighborhood in San Francisco. Photo: Getty.

California health officials said the patient was not quarantined before being tested and was walking around in his community.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said on February 27 that 33 people were positive for Covid-19 and the state was tracking at least 8,400 others, after US health officials confirmed the case could be. is the first community-based case in Solano County.

“This is an unstable situation and I want to emphasize that the risk to the American people is still low,” CNBC quoted Dr. Sonia Y. Angell, director of the California Department of Public Health. “So far, the number of confirmed cases is still very small”.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not know exactly how new patients in California, who are receiving medical care in Sacramento County, are infected with the virus. The patient had not previously gone to high-risk places or had contact with another patient, CDC said Monday.

California health officials said patients were not quarantined before being tested and were walking around in their community.

Ms Newsom said 5 out of 33 patients who tested positive for the virus had left the state. Officials were not immediately clear whether the 33 positive cases were part of the Diamond Princess passenger group being evacuated from Japan to the United States.

The US had 60 cases as of February 26; 42 of them were people on board, according to the CDC.

In January, California received the first flight carrying people evacuated from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the disease. All 195 passengers were isolated at an air force reserve base in Riverside County and were released earlier this month.

“More than 800 people return on those flights, but that is a small part of the overall picture. Thousands and thousands more return on more traditional flights across California,” Ms Newsom said.

A laboratory mistake earlier this month caused health officials to discharge a virus-infected patient from a quarantined group at the base of the US Marine Corps in San Diego, California. The CDC then said further tests showed that the patient had actually been tested positive for the virus.

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