416 sailors were infected with Covid-19 on the aircraft carrier Roosevelt

USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Pacific on February 29. Photo: US Navy.
USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Pacific on February 29. Photo: US Navy.

The US Navy said 416 sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt were positive for Covid-19.

CNN quoted a US naval official as saying that there were 416 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt that tested positive for Covid-19.

97% of the crew members on board have been tested to this point.

Nearly 4,800 sailors are on duty on this Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The sailors on board live and work in close contact in cramped cabins, so the risk of infection is very high.

CNN also reported that a sailor on board had to be taken to an intensive care unit on Guam after falling into critical condition.

Currently the ship is moored at the US military base on Guam Island, Pacific. Soldiers with negative results are brought to hotels on the island.

The ship was also the focus of a scandal that led to the resignation of Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly.

Modly fired the captain of Theodore Roosevel, Colonel Brett Crozier, after a letter from Mr. Crozier sent his superior to evacuate the ship to ensure the safety of the sailors was leaked to the media.

Mr. Modly then flew to Guam, on a $ 243,000 tax flight, only to tell the sailors of the ship that Mr. Crozier was “stupid or naive” when the letter was leaked.

Modly’s actions received harsh criticism from the soldiers as well as the media and then the acting minister of the navy had to resign.

Two other aircraft carriers, USS Ronald Reagan, undergoing maintenance at Sasebo port, Japan and USS Carl Vinson, undergoing maintenance at Puget Sound, have also reported cases of Covid-19 infection.

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