A new breakthrough in drug treatment COVID-19: 63 USD for treating 8 people

A pharmacist holds a vial of dexamethasone at Erasme Hospital in Brussels, Belgium on June 16, 2020 - Photo: Reuters
A pharmacist holds a vial of dexamethasone at Erasme Hospital in Brussels, Belgium on June 16, 2020 - Photo: Reuters

The prospect of finding a cure for COVID-19 has just received good news as dexamethasone, a cheap and popular anti-inflammatory drug, has been shown to significantly save the lives of people with severe COVID-19.

Many scientists praised the finding as a “major turning point” in the COVID-19 pandemic.

63 USD for treatment of 8 people

Initial trial results, without review from the medical community, published on June 16 showed that dexamethasone helped reduce about one-third of deaths among people with severe COVID-19. hospitalize. People with COVID-19 who do not need respiratory support do not notice effects from dexamethasone.

The researchers, who led the trial of a larger program called RECOVERY, suggested that dexamethasone should immediately become a standard treatment for severe cases of COVID-19 so as not to waste time. time and valuable life opportunities for the sick.

The team also said it would continue to work to publish a detailed scientific report on the trial of dexamethasone treatment as soon as possible.

Even so, the UK Department of Health does not want to waste time. They said dexamethasone has been approved for use in public health services. He has also imposed export restrictions and has stockpiled enough for 200,000 treatments.

“This is a test result that shows if a person with COVID-19 has had to use a ventilator or need oxygen support when using dexamethasone will be saved, and it is also very low cost” – Mr. Martin Landray, a professor at Oxford University, co-chairing the drug trial research, said during a press conference on June 16.

“With less than £ 50 (US $ 63, nearly VND 1.5 million) – you can treat 8 patients and save 1 life” – Mr. Martin Landray said.

“This is a truly encouraging result. The effectiveness of saving lives is very clear and very large” – said Peter Horby of Oxford University, who is responsible for overseeing the implementation principles of the relevant clinical trial. dexamethasone drug, expressed optimism in the announcement of the research results.

Hope for “reincarnation”

Prior to this trial, no COVID-19 drug had been shown to reduce the death rate of the disease, although remeadivir from Gilead Sciences has been shown to shorten recovery time. for patients COVID-19.

“This medication has defeated remdesivir in terms of effectiveness and therapeutic effect,” said Dr. Mark Wurfel, a professor of medicine at the University of Washington. Although he still emphasized the cautious approach when waiting to review and evaluate the scientific data of the study, Mr. Wurfel also acknowledged the possibility of “reincarnation” for a large number of COVID-19 patients. in critical condition is the greatest therapeutic effect of a drug that professionals like him have ever seen.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Thomas McGinn – senior physician of the largest health care system of New York (USA) is Northwell Health, up to now, doctors at Northwell’s hospitals are still using steroid drugs (such as dexamethasone) are based on each patient’s case of treatment, as these drugs can suppress a person’s immune system and make them more susceptible to other diseases.

However, he also said that if Oxford University scientists’ research data is validated and formalized by the medical community, it will help expand the treatment of steroidal drugs in people with COVID-19. heaviest.

Dexamethasone is currently on the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) list of drugs in need.

Many scientists also say they hope to assess the scientific evidence themselves in this report soon.

That’s the necessary caution, given the fact that the prestigious medical journal Lancet was forced to announce the retraction of a large study published in May that concluded that antimalarial drugs were not effective in treating COVID-19 treatment.

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