A serious outbreak of Covid-19 was found in Beijing, China

Detecting corona virus traces in the seafood area (Image: Reuters)
Detecting corona virus traces in the seafood area (Image: Reuters)

China has discovered a meat and seafood market at a food wholesale market in Beijing contaminated with corona virus.

The low temperatures and high humidity here appear to be factors contributing to the virus’s spread, Chinese officials said on June 18, according to Reuters.

The preliminary report comes in the context of Beijing dealing with the recurrence of corona virus cases, all related to Xinfadi food market. This market, with the size of 160 football fields, is home to many warehouses and trading floors.

Up to now, there have been more than 100 people infected in this latest outbreak and it has raised fears that the infection will spread more widely.

Among the infected people who worked at Xinfadi market, most of them worked at seafood, beef and goat stalls. Patients working in the seafood area show symptoms earlier than others, said Wu Zunyou, an epidemiologist at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at a brief press conference yesterday. .

Low temperatures and high humidity are favorable conditions for viruses to exist. This is the most plausible explanation for the question of why seafood markets can be the source of disease outbreaks, Wu said. The researcher also thinks further investigation is necessary.

Warning risk from live salmon

China has now stopped importing from European salmon suppliers due to concerns it might be involved in a new outbreak in Beijing.

Chinese health officials also warned against eating raw salmon after the corona virus was found on imported cutting boards, although the source of the outbreak is unknown.

Low hygiene standards at wholesale food markets as well as gaps in the food supply chain need to be addressed urgently, a Chinese ruling party agency said this week.

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