Against the distinct Covid-19 epidemic, Brazil became the 3rd largest outbreak in the world

Brazil overtakes England to become the 3rd largest outbreak in the world. (Photo: EPA)
Brazil overtakes England to become the 3rd largest outbreak in the world. (Photo: EPA)

With 262,545 cases of a new strain of corona virus, Brazil has overtaken the UK to become the third largest outbreak in the world.

Brazil has overtaken the United Kingdom (247,7706 cases) to become the country with the third highest number of SARS-CoV-2 virus infections in the world. Latin America’s largest economy currently records 254,220 cases of infection, second only to the United States and Russia.

To date, Brazil has recorded 16,792 deaths from COVID-19, the sixth highest number of deaths from disease in the world. Experts say that the number of deaths and viral infections in Brazil may be higher than in reality when the country has not conducted extensive tests.

Former Brazilian Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta expressed concern that the death toll in the country could reach 150,000. At the same time, 3 months of painful warning are ahead.

Although the number of cases and deaths caused by COVID-19 has increased sharply daily, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has continuously lowered the severity of the disease, considering the new strain of corona virus to be a “common flu”.

He continued to criticize the restrictive measures taken by the governors of several states to stop the spread of the epidemic, while calling businesses to reopen.

A number of governors and mayors in Brazil have been proactive in setting the rules for social interaction to respond to epidemics. However, the response in this country is generally much more lax than that of Asia and Europe.

Despite the growing public health crisis, Brazil is still facing many complex internal issues. In just one month, two Brazilian health ministers resigned, while protesters protested against President Bolsonaro in many cities.

Health Minister Nelson Teich resigned on May 15 after less than a month in office due to disagreements with the government over how to handle the COVID-19 epidemic. His predecessor Luiz Henrique Mandetta also resigned in mid-April after publicly opposing Mr. Bolsonaro’s way of combating the epidemic by ignoring social spacing guidelines.

Miguel Lago, director of the Brazilian Health Policy Research Institute, said he feared that political upheaval was damaging efforts to contain the COVID-19 epidemic. “It is very bad, Brazil is more worried about politics than with health. It is absurd in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, we are discussing petty political issues, ”said Miguel Lago.