Anti-epidemic Covid-19 in the Dutch style

Anti-epidemic Covid-19 in the Dutch style
Anti-epidemic Covid-19 in the Dutch style

The Dutch government under Covid-19 sent an urgent message to the people of this country to remind: “Stay at home and keep your distance. Only then can we win corona. ”

The Covid-19 epidemic was officially confirmed to spread to the Netherlands on February 27, when the first positive case was confirmed in Tilburg. The first death from Covid-19 was recorded on March 6, when an 86-year-old patient died at a hospital in the city of Rotterdam.

When the epidemic broke out, most of the Dutch people were also confused. In the early days, when the social restraining order was enforced, people rushed to the supermarket to collect food and other items of long-term necessities such as toilet paper, bleach. washing, canned food, milk …

But up to the present time, the Dutch seem to have been “immune” to a fear called Covid-19. They enjoy and adapt life their way. Netherlands weather this season is quite good, many people at home diligently gardening, planting flowers. On weekends, crowds of people indifferently flock to the sea, the park, bike, jog on ice cream and … without masks. Seeing people “so relaxed”, the government had to send reminders.

Although the Netherlands is located near Belgium, France, England … but does not choose the method of lockdown (lockdown) as tight as neighboring countries. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte initially favored a “community immunity” solution because the isolation of the Netherlands, in Mr. Rutte’s opinion, “could last from months to years without any guarantee. that the Covid-19 epidemic will not be raging again, “especially in the context of a specific vaccine still not available.

However, from 16-3 to 10-5 last, the mandatory general provisions of the whole society has applied in the Netherlands such as closing a series of schools, restaurants, cafes, barbershop … To 11-5 to present, the elementary schools, kindergartens, daycare and barbershop is limited open on the condition of strict compliance with the regulations against Covid-19 spread. On June 1, the high school was reopened. On 8-6, all schools are fully open.

Prime Minister Rutte held many press conferences informing the people about the situation and steps to prevent and prevent epidemics from the smallest such as: not shaking hands, keeping the minimum distance of two people at least 1.5m … Article The most sad for Prime Minister Rutte is his mother, Mieke Rutte-Dilling, who died at the age of 96 on May 13 that he was unable to attend the funeral to see his mother off due to social isolation. It was not until May 26 that this news was published publicly.