Australia warns China Covid-19 test kits are defective

Many Chinese test kits have accuracy problems. Illustration. AP.
Many Chinese test kits have accuracy problems. Illustration. AP.

Australian border forces arrested hundreds of test kits at home and the government on April 5 warned that the “dangerous goods” could pose a serious risk.

The Australian government urged people not to test Covid-19 by themselves with kits purchased from the market because they could give inaccurate results.

According to SBS, the Australian federal government is calling on people in Australia not to conduct Covid-19 tests themselves after a shipment of faulty rapid test kits was discovered at the border.

Christian Porter, Australia’s justice minister, said people should be alert and only use test kits provided by health facilities, while authorities are trying to block the import of The kit may give “incorrect results”.

“We know that this is happening and try our best to prevent it at the border, by checking, not in the usual way but in a goal,” Porter told reporters. in Canberra.

“But for those who are uncertain about the origin of the test kits they own or have purchased online, do not use them,” Porter added.

“Don’t test yourself at this time because we know that imported test kits are faulty, even dangerous,” the minister warned.

On April 5, Interior Minister Peter Dutton called on Australians to be vigilant for “home-based” Covid-19 test kits, warning that it could pose a serious public health risk. .

About 300 such defective kits from mainland China and Hong Kong have been stopped by Australian border guards in recent weeks, Dutton said.

The official warned that the use of these kits could weaken health professionals’ efforts to cope with the disease.

“Incorrect results can prevent people from seeking the medical help they need, or in other ways, prevent those in need of isolation to do so,” Dutton added.

Minister Dutton stated that all test kits authorized for use in Australia are only provided to registered medical professionals at hospitals and clinics registered nationwide.

The Australian border guard on March 16 seized a shipment of 200 test kits originating from China, shipped by plane to Perth from Singapore.

Other shipments containing fewer test kits were also seized in Perth later on March 23, and in Melbourne on March 27, all sourced from Hong Kong.


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