Beijing, China discovered the mysterious Covid-19 case

People in Beijing wear masks to join in traffic on June 4. Photo: Reuters.
People in Beijing wear masks to join in traffic on June 4. Photo: Reuters.

After 55 days of not reporting infection in the community, Beijing found a 52-year-old man infected with Covid-19 despite having no travel history or contact with people from the epidemic area.

According to the South China Morning Post, Beijing officials recorded a local case of Covid-19 on May 11, ending a 55-day chain of undetected infection in the community.

The new patient is a 52-year-old man living in the West City District in the city center. He went to the doctor on May 10 after seeing a constant high fever, he had symptoms of sweating and fatigue but did not have a cough, sore throat or chest pain, according to Miao Jianhong, deputy secretary of Xining District. .

The nucleic acid test results showed that the person was positive for Covid-19, and he was transferred to Beijing Dirt Hospital – the specialized infectious disease facility designated to treat cases of corona virus.

The patient was wearing a mask when cycling to see a doctor on 10/5. The other two members of the family are on segregation to follow up, according to Mr. Miao.

The source of infection for new patients remains a mystery. Beijing has not recorded cases in any community since April 15.

The patient said he had not been out of Beijing for the past two weeks, nor did he contact anyone who came from outside.

Miao said an epidemiological investigation is underway to trace the source of infection. The residential area where the patient lives has been cordoned off.

“This does not surprise me at all,” said Ben Cowling, a professor of epidemiology at Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health.

“It is difficult to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic from the community, and when an infection occurs, it is likely that a few other existing cases, mostly mild or asymptomatic, will be detected in the coming days, “Mr. Cowling added.