Bill Gates: Covid-19 will change our lives forever

According to Bill Gates, businesses can adjust to survive, even grow after the epidemic. Photo: The Verge.
According to Bill Gates, businesses can adjust to survive, even grow after the epidemic. Photo: The Verge.

After the Covid-19 disaster, people’s daily lives would not be the same. What we need to do is adapt and adjust to grow again.

Talking to Daniel Roth, editor-in-chief of LinkedIn and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the world will take a long time to return to normal after the Covid-19 epidemic. However, everyday life will not be the same.

He believes that if the situation is optimistic, the US will reopen in early June but normally only half, mainly at factories and schools. Other sectors such as hotel, sports and real estate will recover more slowly.

“Will people travel, go to a restaurant or buy a house right after the epidemic? In fact, even if the government insists everything is okay, you can’t expect these needs to come back overnight.” billionaire Bill Gates said.

According to Gates, the change only started when the Covid-19 vaccine was put into use, the production is widespread and this will have to wait about 18 months.

Bill Gates also believes the Covid-19 pandemic will cause people to continue to promote the development of digital technology. Microsoft conducted online shareholder meetings before the outbreak. In the meantime, many companies have taken the same approach and may not want to go back to the traditional way of meeting in the future.

Gates predicts that the technological revolution will bring about changes, creating tools that are more effective than before. He also mentioned the idea of setting up a courtroom, an online legislature.

From there, he posed the problem that business owners need to adapt to the new life after the epidemic. For example, when the social isolation order loosened up, restaurant owners needed delivery services that were convenient enough to serve customers.

But not every service, customers will come. Restaurant owners must also optimize the site to highlight delivery methods.

In addition, they need to pay attention to the power of advertising content. Posting video on social networking about cooking, showing customers the characteristics of the restaurant. This will help the restaurant work again.

For example, people who work in conferences and events may turn to online.

They should learn new technology knowledge, features, effects and try out some free programs to make a name before starting making money from online events or training courses.

What about the tourism industry that is suffering heavy losses? They can learn from “Greece From Home”, an initiative of the Greek National Tourism organization in partnership with Google.

This site uses unique online content to attract potential customers. Through videos on YouTube, they give viewers the opportunity to explore museums, archaeological sites, enjoy the scenery, even “walk” around the area of ​​interest. Naturally, all in a virtual space environment.

He hopes the examples above will help business owners with industry ideas on how to adapt to translation. Importantly, they need their best efforts, the wise use of time. The faster you adjust, the greater the chance for businesses to survive, even grow.


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