Billionaire Bill Gates appeared in the movie about Coronavirus

Netflix makes a movie about the Covid-19 epidemic.
Netflix makes a movie about the Covid-19 epidemic.

Netflix has produced a series to decode the corona virus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic to spread worldwide.

Recently, Netflix aired the first episode of this Pandemic in the Corona Virus Decoding series. The program continued with the famous previous Decoding format, including Mind Decoding, Sex Decoding.

In the first episode, the documentary gives the audience a panoramic view of when the virus pandemic spreads globally. Before entering the decoding, a series of celebrities such as billionaire Bill Gates, US President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson … spoke about the pandemic.

“If you think about what happened to kill millions of people, it is a pandemic that is spreading globally. This is a dangerous pandemic comparable to the previous epidemic in history,” Bill Gates said.

During the first 26 minutes of the episode, the producer focused on describing the pandemic, initially identifying the cause of the disease. Accordingly, the bat is an intermediate that causes dangerous diseases. After “attacking” people, the virus quickly spread causing a worldwide pandemic.

Bill Gates appeared in the decoding film about the corona virus.
Bill Gates appeared in the decoding film about the corona virus.

The corona virus prize series will have 3 episodes. In the following sections, the film will delve into explanation, pandemic analysis, the ability to heal and revive the economy in the future.

The first case of corona virus in the world was discovered on December 31, 2019. The source of the disease is thought to be from Wuhan. Because, many of the first infected people were confirmed to be workers at the Hoa Nam, Wuhan, China wholesale seafood market.

On 20/20/2020, in Guangdong, corona was confirmed to spread from person to person quickly. By the end of January, the number of cases continued to increase, making an outbreak in China.

The disease quickly spread globally. Apart from China, other countries continuously recorded skyrocketing infections such as South Korea, Japan, to European countries such as Spain, Italy, France and quickly spread to the US.

As of 9am on 27/4, the world has 2,954,818 cases, of which 205,507 deaths. Vietnam recorded 270 cases of infection and 225 recovery cases.


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