Brazil and 6 states in the US recorded a record high number of COVID-19 cases

Social gap does not seem to exist with many people gathered in Hell's Kitchen, New York, USA on June 13, 2020 - Photo: NYT
Social gap does not seem to exist with many people gathered in Hell's Kitchen, New York, USA on June 13, 2020 - Photo: NYT

The United States recorded more than 18,000 new COVID-19 infections, including six states with record-high cases, while Brazil also set a new record for COVID-19 infections in a day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 16 recorded 18,577 new corona virus infections and 496 deaths from COVID-19. Thus, up to now America has 2,104,346 cases and 116,140 deaths from this pandemic.

Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, Nevada and Texas all recorded new record increases on June 16 after recording consistently high numbers in the previous week. The number of people requiring hospitalization for COVID-19 also increased, according to Reuters news agency.

Health officials in many US states attribute the spike in viral infections to businesses reopened as well as to weekend gatherings in late May during the memorial service. The dead soldiers of this country.

In addition, many states across the United States are also preparing to increase the number of cases due to a wave of protests against violent police and racism after the police neck-to-death death of black citizen George Floyd.

In Oregon, health officials are trying to control an outbreak of more than 200 new cases in Union County involving a local church. Meanwhile, Texas governor Greg Abbott said the state’s record increase in infections was due to the state having done more COVID-19 tests.

On the other hand, Brazil, which has the second highest number of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the world and only after the US, continues to record a new record on June 16 with 34,918, bringing the total number of cases. COVID-19 has reached over 920,000 cases. The country also had 1,282 more deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths nationwide to 45,241.

Currently, Brazil is on track to quickly reach the 1 million corona virus infection milestone as new cases keep rising, while the government faces a wave of criticism for its poor response to the pandemic.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has long objected to social distress measures while many Brazilian states have reopened despite a still serious epidemic in the country.