British Prime Minister discharged after 1 week of treatment for Coronavirus infection

After a week of treatment with Covid-19, Mr. Boris Johnson was discharged but will continue the recovery process at the prime minister’s resort in Chequers, 65 km from London.

According to the Guardian, the British Prime Minister was treated at St. Petersburg hospital. Thomas was in London and spent 3 days in intensive care (ICU) after his illness worsened. After leaving the hospital, Mr. Johnson thanked the doctors there for “saving lives” and will continue the recovery process at the prime minister’s resort in Checkers, 65 km northwest of London.

“Following the advice of the medical team, the prime minister will not return to work immediately. He thanks everyone at St. Thomas Hospital for the caring care he has received,” said the prime minister’s office spokesman. said.

Mr. Johnson announced that he was positive for corona virus on March 27 but continued to quarantine and work on his own. On April 5, he was admitted to a hospital for treatment when his symptoms did not subside. The government says he breathes oxygen but does not need mechanical ventilation.

One day later, on April 6, he was taken to intensive care and recovered after 3 days.

While Mr. Johnson was hospitalized, government operations were run by Secretary of State Dominic Raab. Health Minister Matt Hancock is also positive for Covid-19 but is quarantining and treating himself at home.

Mr. Hancock recently made many people angry when complaining that British health workers used too much protective gear.

The UK now records 78,991 cases of Covid-19 and 9,875 deaths, with recent increases of about 5,000 new infections and 800 deaths per day.

Experts warn Britain could face the worst Covid-19 outbreak in Europe, when figures show that Britain is on the same path as countries affected by the disease. Spain and Italy but with more deaths.