Case of mysterious Coronavirus in California, US

Case of mysterious Coronavirus in California, US

The United States has reported two unexplained cases of Coronavirus infection, raising concerns that the disease is quietly spreading in the country.

According to the Washington Post, US authorities on February 28 confirmed the new case of Covid-19 in the country is a 65-year-old citizen living in Santa Clara County, California. This person had not previously moved to an area where the disease was reported, nor was there a link with previous cases.

Earlier, US authorities on February 26 also confirmed the first case of the corona virus infection in Solano County, California. This person was also unrelated to the confirmed areas and cases of corona virus in the United States.

The Washington Post quoted an unnamed health official as saying that the presence of two unexplained corona virus infections in two communities is evidence that corona virus is quietly spreading in the United States.

The rate of corona virus infection has shown signs of decline in China, but is booming in a series of countries on all continents.

In Italy, the number of people infected with the corona virus on February 28 reached 821, an increase of nearly 200 cases compared to the 650 cases recorded the day before. Authorities confirmed a total of 21 deaths across the country since the corona virus outbreak began less than a week ago.

France, Germany and Spain saw a spike in the number of corona virus infections, while many other European countries also recorded the first cases, raising fears that the virus was spreading throughout Europe.

South Korea, meanwhile, has recorded more than 2,900 cases of the corona virus, making the country the largest outbreak outside of China. Japan, meanwhile, has declared a state of emergency and asked residents to stay indoors on the northern island of Hokkaido, after the nation’s 10th death.

Iran on February 28 confirmed 388 people infected with the corona virus and 34 deaths. The number of deaths in Iran is currently the highest in the world outside of China, and the unusually high death rate raises questions about the number of corona virus infections in Iran much higher than what Tehran has announced.