Cases of Covid-19 increased abnormally, Australia investigated an illegal party

People on the Bondi beach area in Sydney on 11/4. Photo: AFP.
People on the Bondi beach area in Sydney on 11/4. Photo: AFP.

Australian authorities are investigating a party of several health workers who may have been involved in a spike in the number of Covid-19 infections in Tasmania.

On March 14, Tasmanian Premier Pete Gutwain said the number of Covid-19 infections in the region had increased by 50% since April 9. Meanwhile, the rest of Australia saw a sharp decline in new infections, according to SCMP.

In a meeting with New Zealand side, senior Australian health official, Brandan Murphy mentioned the “unauthorized dinner party” of health workers in Tasmania.

Accordingly, this party is the cause of the sudden increase in the number of cases to 150 cases. “This is a serious charge. I have asked the Tasmanian police to investigate the case, starting today, ”Mr. Gutwein said.

The allegation was made in the context that Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the Australian unemployment rate, currently at 5.1%, will double by the end of June. For Australia, this is the unemployment rate that has The first two digits since 1994. This number means that more than 700,000 people are unemployed.

But Prime Minister Morrison affirmed that this figure would only be the highest at 15% in the absence of the government’s $ 83.11 billion support package.

“We are facing two major crises – the health and economic crisis,” the prime minister told television on April 13. “It’s heartbreaking to see them causing serious damage to people’s lives.”

According to an estimate of New Zealand on April 13, the unemployment rate could increase to 26% if blockade orders still apply.

Although the Covid-19 epidemic showed signs of cooling off, Australia and New Zealand continued to implement strict social distance. In these two countries, people are restricted from traveling and strictly prohibited to gather people.

According to Prime Minister Morrison, Australia will not loosen anti-epidemic measures in the near future. “Patience should be our virtue at this time.”

He also noted that after successfully combating the epidemic, many countries such as Singapore or South Korea continued to develop due to the relaxation of travel restrictions.

As of April 13, Australia with a population of 25 million recorded 6,336 cases and 41 deaths from Covid-19.

Similarly, New Zealand, a country of 5 million people, recorded only 8 new cases on the first day of the week, bringing the total number of cases to 1,072. This is the lowest increase in 3 weeks.

“We have been relatively successful. I don’t want to waste initial success or sacrifice the lives of New Zealanders, ”Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern answered the question of the blockade easing on April 14.