Celery weight loss diet recipe fast, efficient and safe at home

Celery weight loss diet recipe fast, efficient and safe at home
Celery weight loss diet recipe fast, efficient and safe at home

Celery weight loss diet recipe fast, efficient and safe at home. Obesity is always making you lose confidence and a quality weight loss menu is what you most want today. So, celery weight loss is a good choice when you can both add fiber and support fat loss effectively.

Weight loss with celery and lemon juice

To make the celery weight loss menu right, you will need an accurate and effective process. With celery, you can prepare in many ways and also combine with some other foods to enhance support to lose weight for yourself. In this section, we will introduce you how to make celery with lemon has been widely applied.

The first, you need to prepare sufficient ingredients for processing: celery 400g, lemon 1kg with 2 liters of water. Once you have all the ingredients you need to start processing and processing them. First, you need to wash celery with clean water to remove any dirt or soil that may be on it. Then, you cut them into sections with moderate size.

Effective celery weight reduction is obvious in a short time
Effective celery weight reduction is obvious in a short time

As for lemons, you will also clean the outer skin, then split each fruit and squeeze water. However, unlike drinking regular lemon juice, you should remove the skin of this celery, so you will retain all of the skin you have squeezed out. They will be carried into small pieces.

The next stage is to boil all 2 liters of water that has been prepared. When the water boils, you can drop the celery and the sliced ​​lemon peel and wait for the water to boil again. When the water has rang, turn down the heat to low for about 20 minutes and then turn off the heat. Turn off the heat, then wait for the mixture to cool down (about 6 hours, the water will cool).

After waiting for the water to cool completely, you start to mix the lemon juice into the mix, stir it all up and remove the residue. Or to faster you can use the racquet to filter the water, remove the excess. This amount of water should be put into glass containers to store in refrigerator cooler.

Lemon with celery to make weight loss drink
Lemon with celery to make weight loss drink

Each time you use it, simply pour it into the cup and you can use it right away. This drink schedule will always be 30 minutes before meals. Each time you drink, you use a small cup. Keep going like that for up to 2 weeks, you will see the effects of lemon and celery, your body will lose 5kg.

But for those who are suffering from low blood pressure, severe stomach pain or pregnant women, absolutely not recommended. If you want to lose weight, you can try many other safer options. Besides, when weight loss celery, you must abstain from all types of soft drinks.

Lose weight celery of an American Blogger

In addition to the above, you can also refer to how to lose weight from an American blogger that has been shared recently. According to this celery juice weight loss therapy, you will squeeze a variety of vegetables together with a special diet to get the best effect in just 3 short days.

  • On the first day, you will force all 7 vegetables together: 1kg carrot, 400g cucumber, 1kg apple, 300g tomatoes, 400g celery stalks, no leaves, 2 beets, 20ml lemon juice . Also on the first day, you will only use this mixture of water (240ml each meal) instead of rice and add sugar-free tea with water. You will also incorporate exercise.
  • On the second day, you will change some types of vegetables: 500g of spinach leaves, no stalks, 1kg of apples, 400g of celery stalks, a small handful of parsley, 400g of cucumber and a ginger root. And on day 2 also don’t eat starch and keep on practicing.
  • By day 3, you will prepare to squeeze: 2 beetroot, 400g celery stalks, 1kg carrot, 400g cucumber, 20ml lemon juice, 1 ginger, add lettuce, parsley, spinach if you like. But on this last day you do not exercise anymore and completely switch to rest mode.
  • Through to the 4th day, you can eat mushroom bean soup. On day 5, cook vegetable porridge with shrimp. And until next Friday, Saturday, you will return to your normal diet. The result of this journey is that you will not see bloating and bloating but instead feel a sense of relief and the size of the waistline will also decrease.

Use celery with some foods to weight loss

Lose weight with celery and cucumber

Not only can you combine a variety of fruits and vegetables together, you can also lose weight just by losing weight with cucumber celery. You will need 200g celery with cucumber to make this dish. It should be noted that celery only uses stems, not leaves, so remove all leaves. Next, wash the celery with water and drain.

As for cucumber, you also wash away the dirt and split them apart. You can choose to peel or not, but the contents of the melon should be discarded. Then, turn each item into the juicer to get water. He will leave and use only water to drink. To make it easier to drink, you can add some sugar or milk. If you like to drink cold, you can put in the cooler for a while.

Lose weight with celery and pineapple

Lose weight from celery and pineapple
Lose weight from celery and pineapple

If you don’t like cucumber, that’s okay because there are other ways you can pair it with celery. That is pineapple. You will use these two ingredients to make a healthy smoothie and weight loss. After buying ingredients, you should wash them under water. Next, peel off the skin and pineapple eyes while the leaves need the vegetables.

When you’re done, soak the pineapple in dilute salt water for a while. Next, finely chop them all and put them in a blender. Finally, use the residue to filter for drinking water. For the best weight loss process, you should drink this mixture in its pure form without adding sugar because the pineapple has a sweet taste so you will not find celery too difficult to drink.

Lose weight with celery and carrots

You can also create a combination of celery with carrots. Sewing celery processing is the same as above, will also wash, remove the leaves. With carrots, you will peel off, rinse with water. When you are done, put each ingredient in the juicer to get water and the residue will be discarded. You can use this mixture right away or add a little honey to make the drink taste better.

Should celery weight loss?

Celery is no stranger to people, especially to housewives. You can easily see them in the seafood or beef stir-fries that we use. Perhaps you did not expect that a spice dish like celery can help overweight and obese people lose weight.

But the truth is that and you will be even more surprised when this is the method of fat reduction is very popular with Western women. Like many other vegetable dishes, celery also contains high levels of fiber (each plant has up to ⅓ is fiber).

And this amount of fiber will not make you gain weight because celery does not contain calories. Moreover, it also helps you get full feeling like you have eaten a lot of things. Therefore, you can limit the amount of food you eat every day as well as minimize the accumulation of fat caused by greasy foods, sweets.

Also because can cause satiety, prevent the increase of energy, calories in the body, celery is really a food with many benefits, your fat loss process is also more favorable and successful. If you compare the ability of celery to lose weight with tomatoes, broccoli, apples or cabbage … this vegetable is many times better.

Notes when you want to weight loss celery

For the process of regaining your slim waist, effective, finding and applying the method of losing weight on schedule is not enough, you must pay attention to:

Drinking celery juice, you have to eat well and scientifically.
Drinking celery juice, you have to eat well and scientifically.
  • Develop a reasonable and scientific diet. Eating well will ensure you have good health to work and study, are resistant to many diseases.
  • Skipping meals and eating too little can make you depressed, lack of substance, no energy to walk, work and, importantly, not lose fat effectively.
  • In addition, you must combine diet and physical activity. In this way, the excess fat in the body can easily be burned and eliminated.
  • If you are too busy and want to easily use this weight loss food, you can puree and squeeze water or put it in the juicer. The amount of celery just made can be put into glass jars and stored in the refrigerator compartment. Every time you use, just pour out the cup, wait less cold and then drink.
  • To see the effect in this method, you must persevere in implementation and do not give up halfway. Surely, with just a few weeks of application, you will see positive results.
  • For those who are new to weight loss and are not familiar with the dark taste of celery, they can be mixed with honey for easy drinking but should only be used in moderate amounts.

According to experts, celery weight loss menu is probably a fairly simple and easy method to follow. In addition, you also do not have many problems when you want to combine them with many other fruits and vegetables to increase the flavor, add more nutrients and also to increase the fat loss effect. With the above methods, you will soon have a good body in a short time.

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