Chia seed weight loss diet recipe fast, safe and effective at home

Chia seed weight loss recipe fast, safe and effective at home

Chia seed weight loss diet recipe fast, safe and effective at home. Chia seeds surprised many women because of the extremely effective use of weight loss. If you still do not know how to use chia seeds to lose weight, it is a deficiency.

Why drink chia seeds to weight loss?

Not only good for the body, chia seeds are also effective for weight loss
Not only good for the body, chia seeds are also effective for weight loss

The nutritional value in chia seeds is plentiful and nutritious for the body.

Chia seeds have a very good source of nutrients. Quantitative 100g division contains:

  • 39g of fiber
  • 11g of protein
  • 28g of vegetable fat
  • Other essential substances such as calcium, manganese, vitamin D, B, ….

Therefore, eating chia seeds is very good for your body. Chia provides calories and protein to the body but is plant calories, which makes it easy for women to weigh and measure so that the amount is always just enough for the body.

The fiber in chia has great benefits for the digestive system. At the same time help the body no longer cravings, always feel full and stable.

Regardless of the amount of vitamins and fat that are enough to keep the body healthy, chia is an effective solution for weight loss.

12 effects of chia seeds

Support prevention of diabetes

Chia seeds have been shown to be extremely good at reducing diabetes and hypoglycemia. Chia seeds when absorbed into the body will be similar to absorbing soluble fibers, it will form a thin layer of gel covering the stomach wall, reducing the absorption of sugar and other toxic substances.

There is a lot of fiber in the chia, which is very suitable for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Regular use will help the patient get better and stabilize the condition as desired.

Chia seeds support effective weight loss

What you most expect is definitely this use. Chia seeds are actually extremely good at supporting weight loss for women. Even if men want to lose belly fat through the diet, it is also a good idea to try.

Chia seeds are small but can absorb and hold water long. They can expand by 16 times their original weight.

This is extremely good because when divided into the body will make the stomach faster and longer to feel hungry. And especially chia seeds are also rich in nutrients, antioxidants. They are completely enough to power the body’s daily activities, even if you choose to lose weight completely with chia seeds.

Chia seeds help the cardiovascular system be healthy

Accompanying the fast food industry is an extremely high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Because in these foods contain a lot of preservatives, grease as well as toxins modified due to careful processing and need to be preserved for a long time.

Adding chia to your diet will give your body additional Omega 3 ALA. This compound has the ability to reduce excess cholesterol due to the extremely effective eating process. At the same time, they have the ability to help keep blood cholesterol levels stable and gradually return to normal levels.

That’s important but Omega 3 ALA can only be absorbed through food like chia seeds, the human body has absolutely no ability to synthesize this substance. Therefore, you should regularly use chia seeds to prevent heart disease.

Against excess belly fat

Chia seeds keep your body full for a long time, limiting too much junk food. At the same time, they also add an abundant source of fiber to support the digestive system to work effectively, avoiding fat accumulation, especially in the abdomen.

Chia seeds help improve the digestive system

Besides the ability to support effective belly fat reduction, the amount of fiber in chia is very good for your digestive system. Specifically, fiber helps support crushing and faster food conversion, as well as helps the smooth excretion process.

At the same time, chia seeds also help protect your gut. The mucous membrane of chia helps prevent toxins from harming the stomach as well as other digestive organs.

When adding chia seeds to your daily diet, you can rest assured that there will be no bloating, indigestion, constipation or other related illnesses.

Chia seeds prevent osteoporosis

Why is division likely to prevent osteoporosis? Because chia seeds not only contain vitamins, fiber, and starch, but also a large amount of calcium.

The calcium content in this nut is not inferior to the calcium in specialized milk and fresh milk. With the addition of calcium to the body, the risk of aging osteoporosis, premature osteoporosis will no longer exist.

Eating chia seeds daily is good for your skeletal system. Each 100g of chia seeds has 631mg of calcium higher than the amount of calcium in 1 cup of milk. Although not comparable with synthetic calcium pills, this level of calcium provides most of the daily calcium requirement (63%), and does not worry about excess calcium damage to the body.

In addition, chia also contains vitamin D, a substance that helps the body synthesize calcium which is usually only available in the early morning sun (before 8am). That being said, chia seeds are extremely helpful for skeletal system and effective against osteoporosis.

Chia seeds provide energy

The high content of nutrients and starches are the factors to confirm the body’s ability to supply energy. Starch transforms directly into calories for daily activities, helping the body stay in the most healthy and energetic state.

Especially in the diet of athletes who need to use more physical strength is always divided because they provide clean energy and do no harm to the body.

High protein content is also an advantage of this nut. This amount of protein helps reduce the feeling of tiredness, stress from work, helps the nervous system somewhat relax. So everyone should use chia seeds daily.

Chia seeds prevent aging

Aging is a phenomenon that appears to everyone. Over time, no one can avoid the aging cells, the apparatus in the body sluggish, ineffective operation, wrinkled skin ugly ugly.

However, regular use of chia seeds will help slow this process down. In the division, there are antioxidants, combined with Omega ALA and vitamins groups that will make it more difficult for the skin to form wrinkles, maintain youthful appearance longer.

In addition, antioxidants help prevent free radicals from combining cancer-causing cells and cell changes. Since then of course the body will be healthy, cells ensure productivity. You will also look young and maintain your form over time.

Chia seeds are good for pregnant women and their unborn babies

Omega 3 in chia is an extremely important compound, directly related to the child’s acquisition and intelligence. Adding Folat compounds to the neural tube will help the system develop and the baby’s brain is much faster.

Not only that, they also reduce the likelihood of birth defects, especially neural tube defects. This is considered a panacea for pregnant women during pregnancy, especially in the first months of pregnancy.

Pregnant women should add chia seeds to their diet every day, extremely good for both mother and baby.

Chia seeds replenish nutrients to the body

Given the listed nutritional content of chia, this nut is actually a “small but martial” product. They provide starch, protein, Omega 3 ALA, fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and essential vitamins, as a result, nothing is missing.

Even the minerals in chia are more in the daily fruits like bananas, greens, apples, …

According to scientific studies, the nutrients in chia are very compatible with the human body. That is, the body can easily absorb nutrients from chia seeds and do not need metabolic processes.

Chia seeds detoxify the body

Chia seeds are also considered to help detoxify and prevent the absorption of toxins in the body. By dividing in addition to creating a protective gel layer for the stomach, they also have several anti-inflammatory compounds that help eliminate harmful substances to the body.

These substances help remove toxins from the body, repairing inherent injuries. Therefore, chia seeds help detoxify the body.

Suitable for macrobiotic eaters

Those who follow a macrobiotic diet cannot ignore division. Chia seeds will help replenish the protein and protein needed for the body, which is only found in animal meats.

They can completely replace meat and fish in meals, helping the body stay healthy without worrying about vegetarian fatigue for a long time.

When to drink chia seeds?

In fact, you can use chia seeds at any time of the day, as you like. However, to increase the weight loss effect, you should choose a divided diet at meals. Ie eating in the morning, lunch and dinner, each a little.

When you eat like that, the body will also soon feel full and full longer, restricting snacking during the day as well as craving for other foods.

Harm of chia seeds

Despite being nutritious, chia seeds also have their dark side. If you use it at low doses (less than 100g / day, only use about 3-5 days / week), that’s okay, but if used more often, it is harmful.

Eating too much chia seeds can cause digestive problems such as flatulence, indigestion, …; problems with low blood sugar as well as low blood pressure of the user.

Who should not eat chia seeds?

As mentioned before the harmful effects of chia seeds above, you can completely conclude that the subjects who should not use chia seeds are:

  • People with digestive and excretory problems.
  • People with a history of low blood pressure.
  • People with blood sugar deficiency.
  • People prone to allergies, allergic to one of the ingredients in chia seeds.
  • People who are treating the disease with drugs that are compatible with the ingredients in chia seeds.

In addition, if you have any concerns when using chia seeds, you should also consider and refer carefully before use.

Instructions on how to drink Chia weight loss simple

The split is not difficult, but chia seeds are unscented and tasteless, so people who lose weight easily find it unfamiliar. You can combine the following cooking methods to add flavor when eating chia seeds daily.

Weight loss with chia seeds and honey

Honey and chia seeds make weight loss easier
Honey and chia seeds make weight loss easier

The sweetness of honey makes chia seeds much easier to drink. Moreover, adding honey will help replenish calories. Thereby helping the body to cope with hunger during weight loss.

The menu to weight loss with chia seeds is:

  • Breakfast: You eat a regular breakfast, drink 30 cups of honey after 30 minutes. Remember to divide honey with warm water, because cold water can cause abdominal pain.
  • Lunch: Eat lunch as usual. However, the menu should pay attention to eating a lot of vegetables, reducing meat and greasy calories.
  • Dinner: You combine to eat boiled soup or vegetables, then continue to drink 1 cup of honey.

This weight loss meal is built according to the following standards: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like beggars. That is to eat as nutritious breakfast as possible, and in the evening, gradually reduce your energy intake.

This helps ensure enough energy throughout the day without causing excess. The circulatory system can rest at night. So, the new weight loss more effective.

Weight loss with chia seeds with honey and lemon juice

The acid in lemons will help the body digest better, eliminate fat effectively.
The acid in lemons will help the body digest better, eliminate fat effectively.

You build the menu as follows:

  • Breakfast: Eat a nutritious breakfast to replenish your body’s nutrients. Then, mix 1 cup of chia seeds with honey and a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Lunch: Have lunch as usual. 30 minutes later, drink 1 cup of chia seeds and lemon juice.
  • Dinner: Eat soup / salad or vegetables, combined with some lean meat. If you feel bloated, continue using 1 cup of chia seeds and lemon juice. With this cup of chia seed this evening, just give 2-3 drops of lemon juice for easy drinking.

Women are inherently familiar with using lemons to lose weight. So there’s no need to mention too much about the benefits of lemons anymore. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the amount of acid in lemon.

If too much abuse can easily harm the stomach, no longer true to the desire “safe weight loss” set out. You should have a specific amount, you should only use 1 lemon per day.

Weight loss with chia seeds and yogurt

Chia seeds added to yogurt will make it easier to eat.
Chia seeds added to yogurt will make it easier to eat.

Not only do chia seeds with honey or chia seeds with lemon juice lose weight, you also have a variety of options as follows:

Yogurt is a very popular food for women because yogurt is easy to eat, beautiful, beautiful skin. Using moderation along with chia seeds will definitely help to lose weight quickly.

In addition, making yogurt chia seeds is also very simple:

  • You can eat chia seeds directly or soak them in warm water.
  • Use 1 jar of yogurt without sugar, then mix immediately to use immediately.

Using unsweetened yogurt to lose weight is best. If you are unfamiliar, choose a low-sugar yogurt first. Gradually replace it with unsweetened yogurt to make it easier for your body to adapt.

Weight loss by drinking chia seeds smoothies

Chia seeds make smoothies with unsweetened milk or yogurt
Chia seeds make smoothies with unsweetened milk or yogurt

Making chia seeds smoothies is so convenient that you will not have to use any more fruit. Only with a cup of chia seed smoothie is enough nutritious, beautiful skin and easy weight loss.

To make smoothies, you should choose fruits such as apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, … When grinding, add chia seeds, if you want better, use unsweetened milk.

These fruits are very popular among women in the weight loss world. Because these foods contain antioxidants, low in sugar and fat. Used to help the body always feel full without excess nutrition.

Use chia seeds by making soup, porridge or soup

Chia seeds are added to soups, soups or porridge to make them more delicious.
Chia seeds are added to soups, soups or porridge to make them more delicious.

Chia seeds when purchased are black, small, crunchy like sesame seeds. It is also because when eating or sticking to the mouth or without feeling that many people do not like.

If you don’t like or have difficulty eating whole chia seeds, you can cook them. Like a spice, dividing when added to soups or soups makes the dish more nutritious without greatly affecting their taste.

How to cook every time you cook soup, add 2-3 teaspoons of chia seeds. Cook for a few minutes and then eat as usual. Even with porridge, it is cooked like that, but it needs a little more division (2 tablespoons).

However, there is a note that you need to remember. Because we are in the process of losing weight, it is necessary to have frugal soups, low in fat and low in oil. Soup is similar. If cooking chicken soup or other meat soup, you should only choose lean meat only.

Weight loss of chia seeds and chicken eggs

Break the eggs into a bowl, add some chia seeds and salt to taste. If you like, you can add any onions or vegetables.

Then fry on an oil-free pan. You can make regular omelets or omelettes.

This nutritious egg dish eaten in the morning will help the body feel healthy and full without having to absorb too much energy. That will help you lose weight more effectively.

Eat chia seeds mixed with Salad to weight loss

Combining more chia seeds into salad will make the dish more delicious and nutritious. These salads to make are chicken breast salad, lean shoulder salad, chicken egg salad, tomato vegetable salad, …

You just need to note how to mix the salad so that it has a little sauce, sugar and salt restriction to keep the nutrition and weight loss effect of the dish.

Weight loss with chia seeds and oats

There are many ways to eat chia seeds and oats to lose weight. You have developed oatmeal weight loss formulas that incorporate the addition of chia.

You can cook porridge, mix weight loss or combine oats, with milk or yogurt are delicious.

Add some chia seeds weight loss experience

  • Chia seeds are high in protein, so if you have kidney or liver disease, you shouldn’t eat weight loss regularly.
  • Chia seeds only help the body feel full, not completely replace other foods. Absolutely do not force the balance by only using food through the day.
  • Should eliminate completely fast foods, stimulants, alcohol affect the body.
  • Need to combine sports exercise regularly according to the advice of experts. If you do not have time to go to the practice center, you can refer to the homework on youtube or other fitness platforms.
  • Reduce sugar in your diet, especially when using chia seeds. If you are not familiar with this, then slowly reduce the amount of sugar.
  • Finally, you need to be persistent in the menu. Don’t be discouraged by the immediate results because anything takes time.

Where to sell chia seeds to weight loss?

You can buy in the market or buy online on Amazon.

The e-commerce sites sell a lot of these nuts, see the star rating of each shop, see which reputable shops order it.

Hopefully you have gained the knowledge for yourself to use chia seeds effectively. If you follow the menu, within 10-15 days you will be able to lose 3-4kg. Good luck!