China will blockade the region of more than 100 million people because of Covid-19

China is tightening the blockade of provinces in the northeast, when the disease spread here. Photo: Xinhua News Agency
China is tightening the blockade of provinces in the northeast, when the disease spread here. Photo: Xinhua News Agency

About 108 million people in China’s northeastern provinces will have to return to a blockade when a new outbreak outbreak threatens to restore Beijing’s economy and society.

The Chinese government has been forced to apply a blockade, contrary to the trend of reopening nationwide. Cities in Jilin Province have been blocked, stopped operating rail and buses, closed schools and isolated tens of thousands of people, Bloomberg said.

In a statement on WeChat on May 18, the government of Shu Lan Town, Jilin Province, said it would take the most stringent measures to stop the virus. Residential areas with suspected or exposed Covid-19 infected people will be completely blockaded, each family has only one person allowed to go out to buy necessities for 2 hours a day.

The new blockade discouraged many people who believe that the worst epidemic in China has ended.

“People are feeling more cautious again,” said Fan Pai, who works at a commercial company in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province near Jilin, which is also facing new restrictions.

Children playing on the street must wear a mask again, the medical staff walking in protective clothing. Many people feel uncomfortable because they do not know when this will end.

The new outbreak of 34 patients did not spread as quickly as when the global pandemic began in Wuhan in December 2019, but China’s quick and strong response reflected the fear of a second wave of virus. 2, after Beijing prevented the first outbreak at a costly price to the economy and society.

It is also an indication of how fragile the reopening of the economy will be in China and elsewhere, since even a small outbreak of the virus revival could spur the wind. radiating society.

After facing criticism from the international community for its slow response to the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese authorities are taking stronger measures to prevent the spread in the regional provinces. northeast.

Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan, who leads the anti-Covid-19 task force of the central government in Wuhan, arrived in Jilin on May 13. Secretary of the town of Shu Lan, where the first infectious cluster broke out in Jilin was dismissed on May 16 along with five other officials.

Health officials do not know where the new outbreak was, but they suspect patients may have been in contact with infected people returning from Russia, where Europe’s worst outbreak has occurred.