Countries with the lowest Covid-19 mortality rate in the world

In Singapore, the majority of cases are healthy young foreign workers. Photo: Reuters.
In Singapore, the majority of cases are healthy young foreign workers. Photo: Reuters.

While many major economies are struggling with the outbreak of Covid-19, Qatar and Singapore have recorded the lowest mortality rates in the world: less than 0.1%.

Specifically, Qatar has a mortality rate of 0.07%, equivalent to 12 cases in more than 16,000 cases. Meanwhile, the figure in Singapore is 0.093% although the island nation has more than 20,000 cases.

Qatar and Singapore are both rich countries in the world. This means that the two countries can afford to promptly meet the needs of testing and hospital beds during the epidemic.

According to health experts, demographic factors and health system resilience are key to keeping mortality rates low. Health care systems of many countries around the world are facing great pressure due to the virus spreading on a large scale – more than 10,000 cases.

Raina MacIntyre, a professor of biology at the University of New South Wales, said the mortality rate was low based on three factors: having enough corona virus testing, population structure and capacity of the health system.

Countries that are capable of performing many tests will easily detect and control the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, countries with aging populations and overcrowded health systems will face high mortality rates, Professor MacIntyre said.

In Singapore and Qatar, the majority of cases were foreign workers with low incomes. This group of people is usually young and does not have underlying medical conditions because they have been checked before coming to work.

By the afternoon of 6/5, Singapore recorded 20,198 cases and 18 deaths due to Covid-19 while the figures on the epidemic in Qatar were 17,142 cases and 12 deaths, according to Worldometers.