Covid-19 cases of more than 6.3 million people worldwide

(Artwork: REUTERS)
(Artwork: REUTERS)

According to the statistics page, up to 7:30 am on June 2, the Covid-19 acute respiratory infection epidemic killed 377,150 people out of 6,361,612. The number of recovery cases in the world also reached 2,900,072 people.

There are 10 countries that recorded the number of people infected with Covid-19 from 170,000 or more, of which the United States is still the country with the highest number of infected and fatal with 1,859,174 cases of Covid-19 and 106,923 deaths. Next is Brazil with 529,018 cases, including 30,046 deaths; Russia recorded 414,878 cases and 4,855 deaths; Spain with 286,718 cases and 27,127 deaths; He had 276,338 cases and 39,045 deaths; Italy with 233,197 cases and 33,475 deaths; India with 198,370 cases and 5,608 deaths; France recorded 189,220 cases and 28,833 deaths; Germany has 183,765 cases with 8,618 deaths; Peru remained 10th with 170,039 cases and 4,634 deaths.

Despite having the third highest number of cases in Russia, the Moscow capital has decided to loosen restrictions, with trade centers and parks being reopened on June 1. Also on June 1, the UK began to reopen part of the schools and allow the most vulnerable people out. Turkey, Finland and Norway also gave green light to restaurants and pubs to open their doors after the blockade, while Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that he had been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Covid-19 disease. On June 1, the Czech Government decided to allow the people of this country to exit most of Europe without having to submit negative test results for SARS-CoV-2 virus upon returning.

In Asia, India has surpassed France to become the seventh most infected country in the world, forcing many states at high risk of disease in the country to extend the blockade until June 15, even is 30-6.

In Japan, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths is 16,884 and 892 respectively. Many tourist destinations in Japan have welcomed visitors back, a week after the Japanese government completely lifted the emergency due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Primary and secondary schools yesterday were reopened to welcome students back to school under strict spacing rules. Japan is also considering easing the entry ban for travelers from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

On June 1, South Korea announced an additional 35 new infections, bringing the total number of SARS-CoV2 infections in the country to 11,503. The number of deaths increased by 1, bringing the total number of deaths caused by Covid-19 in the country to 271 cases.

In Southeast Asia, the total number of people with Covid-19 has reached 91,180, including 2,770 deaths.

On June 1, Singapore for the first time recorded no cases of infection in the community in the past three months. All 408 new cases of the day were among foreign workers, bringing the total number of Covid-19 infections nationwide to 35,292, including 24 deaths.

On June 1, Thailand recorded only one case from abroad for Covid-19 infection and no new deaths. This is the 7th day this Southeast Asian country has not detected any cases of Covid-19 in the community. As of June 1, Thailand has confirmed 3,082 cases and 57 deaths.

Manila capital of Philippines also reopened after nearly 3 months of applying blockade. However, schools, bars and restaurants are still closed. Currently both children and the elderly in the Philippines remain at home unless they need to go out to buy supplies. According to the Philippines Ministry of Health, on June 1, the country recorded 3 more deaths and 552 new infections, bringing the total number of Covid-19 cases in the country to 18,638 and 960 deaths.

Indonesia remains the country with the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the region. On June 1, the country continued to record hundreds of new cases, namely 467 cases, and 28 deaths, bringing the total number of infections and deaths from Covid-19 in the country to 26,940 cases respectively. and 1,641 ca.

In the Middle East, Iran saw the highest number of new infections in a day in nearly two months. Specifically, the country recorded an additional 2,979 cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of cases to 154,445, including 7,878 deaths after an additional 81 deaths. Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki warned that the country could face a new wave of infection more seriously if people do not follow the guidelines and regulations on social spacing. Meanwhile, the complicated Covid-19 epidemic in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) forced the capital of Abu Dhabi to issue a blockade order within 1 week from June 2.

The situation of Covid-19 epidemic in Latin America is still complicated, the number of deaths and new cases has not decreased. The total number of deaths due to Covid-19 in Mexico on June 1 surpassed 10 thousand infections after an additional 237 deaths per day. The total number of Covid-19 cases in this Central American country has reached 93,435. So far, Chile has recorded 105,159 cases of Covid-19 with 1,113 deaths.