Covid-19 continued raging in the Americas

People wear masks when walking on Brazilian streets, June 12. (Image: Reuters)
People wear masks when walking on Brazilian streets, June 12. (Image: Reuters)

According to data from, although the total number of Covid-19 cases in South America is still much lower than in North America and Europe, the number of new cases recorded from 7 o’clock on the 16th of the month June 6 to 7 o’clock in South America is much higher than all other regions of the world.

In the past 24 hours, South America has more than 51 thousand cases of Covid-19, while Europe recorded more than 15,000 cases, North America detected nearly 31,500 cases, Asia has more than 37,300 new cases. Two days earlier, the number of new cases in South America was approximately 37,000 and more than 33,500 cases, respectively.

According to Reuters, on June 16 (local time), Brazil recorded a new record high with nearly 35,000 cases. Brazil is the second hotspot in the world in terms of number of deaths and deaths due to Covid-19, just after the US. The number of cases and deaths from Covid-19 in Brazil far exceeds that of all other countries in South America. The country is very close to the one million Covid-19 case mark. Experts warn that the number of patients in Brazil could in fact be higher due to the fact that the country does not carry out extensive testing programs. Walter Souza Braga Netto, Chief of the Brazilian Cabinet Office, one of the senior officials involved in leading the domestic response to the Covid-19 pandemic said that the outbreak was under control.

However, in an online meeting from Washington, Director of the Inter-American Health Organization (PAHO), Ms. Carissa Etienne said that Brazil is a major concern and PAHO does not notice the trend of reducing SARS- CoV-2 in this country. According to PAHO, Brazil and other countries in the Americas should strengthen the implementation of social gap and re-open the economy slowly and cautiously.

In North America, the United States has recorded more than 25,000 new cases and 846 new deaths, bringing the total number of cases and deaths in the country to 2,208,244 and 119,129, respectively. Two days earlier, the US had an additional 20,000 cases / day and about 300-400 deaths / day. Notably, New York state, the largest epidemic in the US, recorded the lowest number of hospital admissions and deaths since the outbreak. New York City is also home to a low infection rate, falling to 1.3%, while the infection rate in other areas of the state is lower.

Europe continues the trend of cooling down, creating conditions for countries in the “old continent” to relax prevention measures and gradually open borders and restore economic activities. Russia remains the largest epidemic region in Europe with more than 545,000 cases of Covid-19. The number of deaths in Russia is much lower than the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy … but the total number of cases is leading the region. In the past 24 hours, the country has more than 8,200 new cases, while the UK’s number is about 1,200, no other European country recorded more than 1,000 cases on the same day.

Asia is really facing the risk of the second wave of outbreaks, when a series of new Covid-19 cases were discovered in China, Korea, Iran, Indonesia … India is at the top of the world rankings. on the number of deaths due to Covid-19 in the day after recording more than 2,000 cases. With 354,000 cases and nearly 12,000 deaths, this is the country with the highest number of cases and deaths in Asia.

Statistics of 10 countries with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world:

1. USA: 2,208,244 cases, 119,129 deaths
2. Brazil: 928,834 cases, 45,456 deaths
3. Russia: 545,458 cases, 7,284 deaths
4. India: 354,161 cases, 11,921 deaths
5. England: 298,136 cases, 41,969 deaths
6. Spain: 29,408 cases, 27,136 deaths
7. Italy: 237,500 cases, 34,405 deaths
8. Peru: 237,156 cases and 7,056 deaths
9. Iran: 192,439 cases, 9,065 deaths
10. Germany: 188,382 cases, 8,910 deaths

Statistics of cases and deaths from Covid-19 in ASEAN countries:

1. Singapore: 40,969 cases, 26 deaths
2. Indonesia: 40,400 cases and 2,231 deaths
3. Philippines: 26,781 cases, 1,103 deaths
4. Malaysia: 8,505 cases and 121 deaths
5. Thailand: 3,135 cases, 58 deaths
6. Vietnam: 334 cases
7. Myanmar: 262 cases, 06 deaths
8. Brunei: 141 cases, 03 deaths
9. Cambodia: 128 cases
10. Laos: 19 cases

Statistics of cases and deaths from Covid-19 in regions of the world:

1. North America: 2,539,457 cases, 147,131 deaths
2. Europe: 2,235,212 cases, 183,967 deaths
3. Asia: 1,691,449 cases, 43,660 deaths
4. South America: 1,513,688 cases, 63,262 deaths
5. Africa: 261,581 cases, 7,026 deaths
6. Oceania: 8,960 cases, 124 deaths