Covid-19 is serious in Beijing, China. The US worried about increased deaths

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to evolve complicatedly, causing the Chinese capital to suddenly increase the number of new strains of corona virus in the community and the United States, facing the risk of increasing the number of deaths due to the epidemic.

According to Worldometers, as of early morning 17/6 (over Vietnam time), more than 8.2 million people worldwide have been infected with new strain of corona virus with at least 444,442 of them died. However, the world also witnessed nearly 4.3 million Covid-19 patients, equivalent to more than half of the cases recovering from treatment.

Beijing suppressed “soft blockade” to cope with re-outbreak

Chinese authorities describe the current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Beijing as “extremely serious” with at least 106 new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the community in the past five days, including including 27 cases on 16/6. The outbreak has been linked to the Xinfadi wholesale market in Beijing’s Fengtai district, which sells tons of food every day and more than 200,000 people have been there since May 30.

According to CNN, speaking at a press conference on the evening of June 16, Chen Bei, an official in the Beijing government, announced that the city had raised the alert of the epidemic from level 3 to level 2 (the highest alert level was level 1). Local authorities require residents to avoid “unnecessary” movement out of the capital and anyone arriving or leaving the city must have a Covid-19 test.

Beijing is currently blocking more residential areas, with 27 of them classified as medium risk and one rated as high risk. People living in these blockaded areas will be provided with adequate food and medicine.

Due to complicated developments, the city has directed local high schools to restore online classes while universities postponed plans for returning students. Public entertainment, indoor sports venues were temporarily closed. Libraries, museums, galleries and parks must limit the number of waiters. Companies are also encouraged to work from home. The system of passenger cars and intercity taxis has been temporarily suspended.

Other cities in China have warned that a quarantine quarantine will be enforced against anyone from the capital after neighboring Hebei province recorded four new cases of Covid-19 in the community and province. Sichuan has 1 virus-positive case, all related to the new outbreak in Beijing.

Wu Zunyou, a leading epidemiologist at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the pathogen causing the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in the mainland now has an origin of foreign origin, much like the virus. discovered in Europe, the USA or Russia.

However, Mike Ryan, director of emergency situations of the World Health Organization (WHO) considers this to be only a “preliminary hypothesis”. He hopes the Chinese health authorities will announce the results of the virus genome sequencing in Beijing as well as thoroughly investigate and closely control new outbreaks.

The US worries about the risk of a sharp increase in deaths

As of early morning 17/6, the United States is still the most heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic with the highest number of cases (more than 2.2 million) and deaths (119,000) in the world. In the past 24 hours alone, the country recorded nearly 20,000 more positive cases of the new strain of corona virus and 717 deaths.

The early reopening of the states combined with ignorance and failure to comply with individual epidemic measures forced researchers to raise the forecast for the number of people killed by Covid-19 in the United States.

The White House cited a warning model, the United States will suffer a total of 200,000 deaths as of October 1, an increase of 30,000 cases compared to last week’s conjecture of the Institute of Metrology and Health Assessment of Dai. study Washington. This means that the average number of deaths per day in this country because of Covid-19 has been more than 840 since February 6, the time the US recorded the first case of the disease.

As the number of new cases of Covid-19 continued to rise, the mayor of Austin, Texas, ordered an extension of the decree requiring people at home to be quarantined until Aug. 15. The state of North Carolina is also considering whether to continue phase 3 of the state reopening at the end of June.

Meanwhile, despite the declining rate of virus infection, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy expressed his desire that his state would restore cautious, gradual socio-economic activities.

Brazil recorded a record number of infections

Brazil just had a bad day with the record for Covid-19 cases of the day. In the past 24 hours alone, the country added nearly 35,000 new cases of coronavirus-positive virus, bringing the total number of cases nationwide to 923,189.

The Guardian newspaper quoted a statement from the Brazilian Ministry of Health as of June 16 that the total number of deaths from the epidemic in the country reached 45,241, an increase of 1,282 cases compared to the previous day.

The new figures confirm that Brazil is still the second largest outbreak of Covid-19 in the world after the United States, both in terms of infections and deaths. Although the epidemic situation has not shown any positive signs, Brazilian authorities have gradually removed restrictions against Covid-19 and allowed businesses to reopen. President Jair Bolsonaro also threatened to withdraw from the WHO after the organization spoke out against the actions of his administration.