COVID-19 outbreak on May 13: Worldwide more than 4.3 million cases

A driver of an MBTA bus crosses the financial district almost without a shadow because of the COVID-19 epidemic in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on May 12 - Photo: REUTERS
A driver of an MBTA bus crosses the financial district almost without a shadow because of the COVID-19 epidemic in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on May 12 - Photo: REUTERS

Vice President Mike Pence continued to keep his distance from President Donald Trump after his secretary was positive for corona virus.

As of 6am on 13-5, globally there were 4,335,226 cases, 292,274 deaths from COVID-19 and 1,581,162 recovery cases.

The United States still leads the world in the number of infections (1,406.807 cases) and the number of deaths (83,284 cases) as well as the number of recovery cases (280,509 cases). The second is Spain (269,520 cases) and Russia (232,243 cases).

Singapore: the number of infections in the community stood at 1 figure for 3 consecutive days

New cases in the community in Singapore remained at a single digit for three consecutive days (as of May 12), for the first time since April 7, when the island nation imposed drought measures. COVID-19 mechanism spread.

The deadline for imposing restrictions was originally scheduled to end on April 4-5 but has been extended to 1-6 because of an outbreak in the dormitories of foreign workers in Singapore.

Accordingly, there were 4 new cases in the community on 12-5, bringing the total number of cases nationwide to 24,671 cases, mostly from foreign workers.

China mainland 7 more new cases

The National Health Committee of China on 13-5 said the country has 7 more new cases, up from 1 case of the previous day. Of these, 6 were local cases in Jilin province and 1 was imported in Shanghai.

In addition, China recorded 8 more asymptomatic cases on May 12 compared with 15 on the previous day.

Mexico: 353 deaths in a day

The Mexican Ministry of Health confirmed 1,997 new infections and 353 new deaths on May 12, and the day the most people died of COVID-19 in the country since the outbreak and spread.

Mexico previously recorded the highest number of deaths per day, 257 on May 7. To date the pandemic has infected 38,324 people in Mexico and 3,926 people died, according to Reuters.

The US has not used breathing machines suspected of causing hospital fires in Russia

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on May 12 said Russian-ventilated breathing apparatus, the same model of ventilators that caused two deadly fires in Russian hospitals, was not yet used. Used in the US.

Janet Montesi, a spokeswoman for FEMA, said that to be cautious, states are returning the ventilator to FEMA.

The White House: Mr. Pence continues to distance himself from Mr. Trump

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said on May 12 that Vice President Mike Pence is continuing to distance himself from President Donald Trump for the next few days after his press secretary was positive for the new strain of corona virus.

This means that Mr. Pence will not attend the daily press conference at the Rose Garden with Mr. Trump nor at a meeting with US military and national security officials this weekend, according to Reuters.

Mr. Pence tested negative for corona virus after his secretary became ill. However, White House staff in the West Wing are forced to wear masks and practice social spacing.

Elsewhere, the US House of Representatives on May 12 proposed a bill worth more than $ 3,000 billion to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on states, businesses and the people.

In particular, the bill set aside 1,000 billion to support the state governments heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The bill also proposed $ 75 billion for COVID-19 testing, $ 10 billion for emergency assistance for small businesses, direct payments of up to $ 6,000 per household in the US …

The House of Representatives will vote to pass the bill on May 15 before moving to the Senate.

Brazil surpassed Germany in the number of infections

Brazil’s Ministry of Health confirmed on May 12 that the number of new coronavirus infections that cause COVID-19 in the country has increased by 9,258 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 177,589.

Brazil also recorded 881 more deaths in the past 24 hours, and this is the record number of one-day increases in the country, bringing the total number of deaths from the disease to 12,400, according to Reuters.

Thus, Brazil surpassed Germany (173,171 cases) to become the 7th most infected country in the world. France ranked 6th (178,225 cases) and was only less than Brazil less than 1,000 cases.

India announced support package of more than 260 billion USD

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 20 trillion rupee (about 266 billion USD) economic support package to help minimize the damage caused by COVID-19 and blockade orders.

This support package is equivalent to about 10% of Indian GDP. Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman will release details in the coming days, according to Reuters.

US airlines: employees must not force passengers to wear masks

Staff at a restaurant in California, USA are checking the availability of tables on the first day that restaurants in this state are allowed to reopen on-site dining on 4-5 days - Photo: REUTERS
Staff at a restaurant in California, USA are checking the availability of tables on the first day that restaurants in this state are allowed to reopen on-site dining on 4-5 days – Photo: REUTERS

Three leading US airlines have asked employees not to force passengers to wear masks, but should only encourage them to do so, according to Reuters.

Accordingly, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have told staff that they can refuse passengers not wearing a board mask at the entrance and will provide masks for those who do not have. .

However, once boarded, the policy of wearing a mask will be more relaxed and the role of the flight attendant is to inform but not to force passengers to wear masks.

In addition, children or people with disabilities or health problems are not required to wear masks.

Twitter allows some employees to work remotely remotely

Twitter on 12 May became the first major technology company to allow employees who can work remotely to continue to work remotely permanently in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic that has changed the work culture on. worldwide, according to Reuters news agency.

The pandemic, which infected more than 4.3 million people globally, has forced governments in many countries to impose strict measures to limit the spread of the disease and change the way businesses work, in That employment at home has emerged as a new way.

Twitter said the company will not reopen most offices until September 2020, and employees can choose whether or not to go to the company and when.

Meanwhile, technology giants like Facebook and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, have allowed most of their employees to work remotely until the end of 2020.

Canada more than 5,000 deaths, the Prime Minister wants to reform the nursing home system

The number of deaths from the new strain of coronavirus in Canada surpassed the 5,000 mark on May 12. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada needs to reform the nursing home system, where more than 80% of COVID-19 victims live.

Public health agency Canada said the country’s death toll at 5,049 and the 11th country in the world recorded more than 5,000 deaths.