Covid-19 Patient in the US: ‘I was scared to see the bill of nearly $ 35,000’

Medical staff perform Covid-19 test on patients at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, USA. Photo: AFP.
Medical staff perform Covid-19 test on patients at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, USA. Photo: AFP.

Feeling unwell, Danni Askini from Boston (USA) went to see the doctor and was confirmed to be infected with the new strain of corona virus. On discharge, she firefighters when looking at bills nearly 35,000 USD.

Askini’s story was published in Time magazine on March 19. At the end of February, she felt chest pains, shortness of breath and headache, so she called the doctor who was treated for lymphoma cancer for advice.

Later, she was transferred to an emergency room in Boston. Here, doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. Askini is allowed to go home.

A few days later, noticing the abnormal temperature and coughing, Askini returned to the clinic for a test. 10 days later, the doctor announced that she had Covid-19.

After a period of treatment, until the day of discharge, this woman became a fire after looking at the number on the bill: 34,927.43 USD. “I was shocked to see the bill. I didn’t know anyone to borrow such a large amount of money,” she lamented.

Like 27 million other Americans, Askini has no insurance when he goes to the hospital. She and her husband had planned to move to Washington DC this month for a new job, but the plan was delayed by this incident. Currently, Askini has applied for medical assistance and hopes to pay hospital fees. If not, she would have to hug a huge debt.

According to Time, US public health experts predict tens of thousands of Americans will be hospitalized due to Covid-19 infection.

On March 18, the US Congress passed the law supporting the cost of the Covid-19 test, but does not include the cost of treatment. Patients who receive intensive care in the intensive care unit (ICU) will have to spend as much “money” as Askini has health insurance.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average cost of treatment for a person with Covid-19 in the US in the case of insurance and no background disease is about $ 9,763.

In case the patient requires additional treatment, the amount can be up to 20,292 USD.