Covid-19 patient panicked when he saw that the hospital fee was over 19 billion in the US

Sky Ridge Medical Center - where Robert is treated. Photo: Gypsy Nurse
Sky Ridge Medical Center - where Robert is treated. Photo: Gypsy Nurse

Robert and his wife (Americans) could not believe it when they received the notice of the treatment amount up to 840,000 USD (19.5 billion).

Mr. Robert Dennis (Centennial City, Colorado, USA) spent weeks in the hospital fighting and defeating the nCoV virus. Currently, he has recovered and returned home, but the relationship between him and this virus has not ended.

Recently, Robert and his wife were very surprised when they received notice of the cost of treatment of his Covid-19 disease: 840,000 USD (19.5 billion).

“I felt like I couldn’t breathe when I saw that number,” said Robert’s wife Suzanne.

It was Robert’s hospital fee at Sky Ridge Medical Center when he was in the Intensive Care Unit and had to be on mechanical ventilation for two weeks.

The above amount does not include Robert’s hospital fee for 3 weeks at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital. In addition, Suzanne had Covid-19 and was taken to the emergency department.

Therefore, the couple estimated, the amount spent on their hospital could be up to 1.5 million USD.

Fortunately, Robert and his wife have insurance. They plan to call the responsible units soon to make sure they are covered by the hospital.

The Colorado Department of Insurance said that if patients buy insurance, patients will be protected by state emergency regulations.

In addition, if the hospital has the Covid-19 Disaster Relief Fund, they do not need to send shocking receipts to the patient.

“All of our major health insurance companies have partnered with the financial assistance program to pay for Covid-19 treatment. They are committed to no surprising bills and they also encourage remote treatment, ”said Colorado State Insurance Department representative.

“Perhaps I would have burst into tears without insurance. But if you don’t have that comfort, I don’t know, how will you overcome it, ”Suzanne said.