Covid-19-positive Japanese man deliberately went to the bar to spread the virus

The man went to two bars to spread the virus after being positive for Covid-19.
The man went to two bars to spread the virus after being positive for Covid-19.

The man in Japan was indignant when he was confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 by going to the bar with the statement: “I’m going to spread the virus”.

According to Independent, a man in his 50s in Japan is the focus of criticism when intentionally spread corona virus after doctors determined this person infected with Covid-19.

Previously, on March 4, although he did not show signs of illness, this person still went to test at a hospital in Gamagori City (Aichi Prefecture) after his parents were confirmed positive for corona virus.

This person’s result is also positive.

He was instructed by the doctor to isolate himself at home while waiting for him to be placed in the appropriate treatment unit the next day.

However, according to information from Fuji News Network (FNN), this person went to two bars in a small coastal city after telling a family member: “I’m going to spread the virus.”

The man was determined to take a taxi to an izakaya bar (pub-style restaurant), then walk to another Filipino bar.

After eating and drinking with many people, the man informed the surrounding customers that he was positive for corona virus.

Shortly after receiving the news, police quickly appeared at the second bar but the man took a taxi home.

The next day, he was taken to an isolation ward. The two bars above are closed and disinfection measures are in place. Staff and customers present that night must also be tested.

“I can’t understand it, I’m crazy. There is really no word to describe this anger, ”a local station journalist said.

Local officials held a press conference to apologize for the incident. The city’s mayor, Toshiaki Suzuki, said: “It is sad that he is not at home isolated as instructed.”

Japan has recorded more than 1,000 cases of Covid-19, most of which were passengers aboard Diamond Princess.