Deaths in the US exceeded 40,000, an increase of 10,000 deaths in 4 days

In Texas, hundreds of people staged protests at the state Senate headquarters. Photo: AFP.
In Texas, hundreds of people staged protests at the state Senate headquarters. Photo: AFP.

State governors in the United States are at odds with President Trump, when Mr. Trump said they had enough testing equipment and should quickly reopen the economy.

New York State continues to have the number of cases of Covid-19 in the hospital reduced to 16,000, compared with the previous high of 18,000. The number of people on mechanical ventilation also decreased. There are an additional 507 new deaths, compared to the previous high of 700 per day, according to Reuters.

“If these trends continue, we have passed the peak of the epidemic and the indicators indicate we are on the decline,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. “But this is only the first half, we still need to bring down the monster.”

To identify all people infected with the virus, Cuomo said New York State will conduct the nation’s largest antibody testing campaign next week, on random samples. Accordingly, his state will test 2,000 people per day, or 14,000 people per week, over 19 million residents of the state.

The United States has the highest number of infections in the world, with more than 740,000 infections and 40,000 deaths.

It took 38 days for the number of deaths in the US to increase from the first to 10,000. But after that, it only took 5 days for the number of deaths to rise to 20,000. That number increased from 30,000 to 40,000 in four days, including the recently reported “Covid-19” deaths that New York announced.

President Trump has issued instructions, under which states can ease the social gap after 14 days and the number of infections decreases. But he also encouraged protesters who are demanding states to open earlier, with tweets urging people to “liberate” the states of Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia.

Small protests took place in parts of Texas, Wisconsin, and in the state capitals of Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia, demanding an end to orders that demand residents, which are crippling. US economy.

In the meantime, some governors were upset with Mr. Trump’s call.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee said the president is encouraging people to break the law in the states.

“The orders at home are in fact the laws of the states … A president goes to encourage people to commit crimes,” he said. I’ve never seen this in the US, ”Mr. Inslee said.

Gov. Larry Hogan, Republican, Maryland said Trump’s comment that states with multiple tests are “completely wrong.”

Governor Ralph Northam, Democratic Party, Virginia, said it was “paranoia”.