Development of the inhaled drug Covid-19 Remdesivir

Remdesivir is being developed in inhaled form for easier use. Photo: MSN.
Remdesivir is being developed in inhaled form for easier use. Photo: MSN.

Gilead Sciences is working on developing Remdesivir, the drug for Covid-19, the inhaled form after the trial of intravenous injection has not been effective.

Reuters said that so far, Remdesivir is the only drug proven effective for patients with Covid-19. Gilead Sciences is looking for ways to make drugs easier to use and more effective.

In his June 1 statement, Gilead said he was also studying how to use Remdesivir earlier in the course of treatment. The company confirmed it was working on an inhaled version of Remdesivir but gave no details.

Remdesivir cannot be taken in pill form because it has a chemical composition that reduces liver function, while intravenous formulations are used only in hospitals. Therefore, Gilead developed Remdesivir in inhaled form so that it can be easily used outside the hospital.

Currently, this pharmaceutical company researches and produces drugs in the form of dry powder, which can be diluted for use with a nebulizer. This is the device that pushes drugs directly into the upper respiratory tract and lung tissue because the corona virus mainly attacks the lungs. It also facilitates earlier treatment for Covid-19 patients without hospitalization.

A report of Gilead’s test results showed that intravenous remdesivir did not provide much benefit to mild and moderate Covid-19 patients.

Michael Yee, an analyst with Jefferies Development Group, said the inhaler formula is very desirable, but the research process is only at a very early stage. In addition, according to Michael, the need for inhaled Remdesivir may be limited as mild and moderate Covid-19 patients may not necessarily need it.