Find out how to stop the cause of many deaths in Covid-19 patients

New research shows a way to stop the cause of many Covid-19 patients died. Artwork: Xinhua
New research shows a way to stop the cause of many Covid-19 patients died. Artwork: Xinhua

A better understanding of one of the defenses of the immune system will increase the chances of life saving for Covid-19 patients.

SCMP reported on 20/5 that researchers from the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunology, University of Melbourne (Australia) and Nantes University Hospital (France) discovered macrophages – a type of pepper cell. kills harmful organisms in the body – were temporarily “paralyzed” when people were infected with Covid-19. This makes Covid-19 patients more vulnerable to the new virus.

The researchers analyzed blood samples from patients with severe Covid-19 infection and found that macrophages were inactivated.

In a study published in the journal Nature Immunology on May 18, researchers found “immune scars” (the status of inactivated macrophages) in both mice and humans. .

They also said that they have identified triggers or “switches” to restore the activity of macrophages or in other words, help them restore full function as if the body was not infected with the SARS-CoV virus- 2.

According to scientists, the new research is important in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Many cases of Covid-19 have died from a “cytokine storm” – a phenomenon that occurs when the immune system overreacts and destroys healthy cells.

“Cytokine storm” is also a factor causing some deaths in patients infected with SARS, MERS or seasonal flu.

Antoine Roquilly, a researcher working at Nantes University Hospital, told the media that a better understanding of macrophages and other components of the immune system “could help prevent ‘cytokine storms’ from occurring. and increased survival for Covid-19 patients “.

The team found that the findings were important for treating infections in hospitals, especially the increasing resistance to antibiotics.

“We think it is possible to ‘re-energize’ the immune system to get it out of paralysis, or prevent paralysis in the first place. Thus, patients can avoid secondary infection. without the need for antibiotics, “said Jose Villadangos, a scientist at the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunology.