Four more tigers, three lions were positive for Coronavirus in the US

Nadia, a 4-year-old female tiger, contracted the corona virus in the Bronx Zoo. Photo: Reuters.
Nadia, a 4-year-old female tiger, contracted the corona virus in the Bronx Zoo. Photo: Reuters.

These animals had a cough and test results showed that they were positive for corona virus. Earlier, a four-year-old female tiger from the Bronx Zoo was also positive for Covid-19.

Weeks after a tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York, USA, was positive for Covid-19, officials announced that four more tigers and three lions were also positive for corona viruses, according to ABC7NY.

Officials said they found the other animals were having similar symptoms to Nadia, a 4-year-old Malaysian female tiger that was confirmed positive for Covid-19.

Anesthetic and samples were taken from Nadia’s nose, throat and airways.

Zoo officials said three other tigers in the Tiger Mountain area and three African lions showed a cough that was also positive for Covid-19. They are tested by taking a stool sample so that there is no need for anesthesia.

The stool test also showed that another tiger from the Tiger Mountain area infected with corona virus, although this tiger did not cough.

All eight animals were in good health and zoo officials said they were functioning normally, eating well and reducing coughing significantly.

“To be careful, we have tested tigers and lions. We also make sure that all the knowledge we have about Covid-19 will contribute to helping the world continue to understand this new virus,” Zoo officials said. “The testing of these animals is done in veterinary laboratories and the medical supplies used are not those used for human testing.”

It is still believed that these animals were infected by an infected caretaker who had no symptoms or had been exposed to animals before the onset of symptoms.

The cheetahs, snow leopard, clouded leopard, Amur leopard, cougar or lynx don’t have any signs of illness.


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