France recorded a record 800 new cases of Coronavirus, 79 died

France recorded nearly 800 new corona virus infections in 24 hours. Photo: AFP.
France recorded nearly 800 new corona virus infections in 24 hours. Photo: AFP.

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus in France increased by nearly 800 in 24 hours, a record high in the country since the outbreak.

According to CNN, the French Ministry of Health on March 14 confirmed the number of new infections of corona virus in the country in the past 24 hours increased 785 cases. France also recorded 18 more deaths from Covid-19.

By the end of March 13, the total number of people infected with the corona virus in France was 3,661, of which 79 died. The number of Covid-19 patients recovering in France is only 12, the lowest among countries with more than 1,000 cases of corona virus in Europe.

The spread of corona virus in France is increasing rapidly. Earlier this week, France recorded only 100-200 cases of corona virus infection per day. The number of infected people began to increase sharply from March 11 with nearly 500 new infections. France is also the third highest number of Covid-19 deaths in Europe after France and Spain.

French President Emmanuel Macron had previously asked to close schools at all levels from March 16. Time of reopening educational institutions has not been confirmed.

President Macron called the corona virus outbreak “the largest medical disaster in France in a century”. While avoiding the use of isolation words, Mr. Macron called on people to restrict travel and work from home as much as possible. People over 70 years are recommended to stay indoors.

France has banned all activities with the scale of over 1,000 participants until the end of April 15. Cultural and sports events in France have been postponed indefinitely, including the French League 1. The future of the Cannes Film Festival, scheduled to take place on 12 May. was questioned.