France soared more than 1,400 deaths a day, totaling more than 17,000

A masked woman walks through a shop window in Paris on April 14. Photo: AFP.
A masked woman walks through a shop window in Paris on April 14. Photo: AFP.

The number of people dying from the corona virus in France soared 1,438 cases, or 9.1%, to 17,167, marking the highest increase in a day, the French Ministry of Health said on April 16.

The number of deaths in the hospital increased 514 cases, or 5%, to 10,643, a slight decrease compared to 541 cases recorded on April 15. However, the cumulative deaths in nursing homes increased by 924 cases, or 17%, bringing the total to 6,524, marking a jump from 221 reported on April 15.

“This increase does not reflect the death rate in the past 24 hours but the data accumulated after three weekends,” Health Ministry leader Jerome Salomon said.

He said that the Covid-19 pandemic was still complicated and at the same time, he called on the French people to strictly follow the quarantine measures.

However, Mr. Salomon also emphasized that this is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of reported cases in hospitals in France has dropped to 513 cases, or 1.6%, bringing the total to 31,779. This is believed to be a sign that infection has slowed and social spacing has worked.

“This is the first downward move. We need to welcome that but still be cautious and wait for developments over the next few days,” he said.

The number of Covid-19 infections globally has surpassed 2 million, of which 133,354 deaths have been confirmed.

After a month of social isolation, French President Emmanuel Macron on April 13 again appeared on television to announce the extension of the quarantine until May 11.

After 11/5, enterprises and schools will be reopened. Particularly the field of restaurants, tourism, hotels and universities continues to close. All festivals and gatherings are prohibited until the middle of July 2020 at the earliest. On the forums, the speech of the French President was controversial with the decision to send children back to school early because they could be the source of infection for the family.


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