Garlic and foods rumored to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Garlic and foods rumored to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In parallel with the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, rumors of nutritious foods that could help prevent this strain of virus also became an immediate chaos.

From garlic, kimchi, pepper to salt water, the food is rumored to have many miraculous effects, creating a “shield” to stop germs.

The rumor food against Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Facebook, Twitter, and Wechat hand in hand to the alleged advice of a famous Chinese respiratory expert who also recommends gargling with salt water to prevent the new Coronavirus from attacking. However, according to SCMP, this advice has no scientific basis and it is not effective.

Many women in Singapore over the past few weeks have shared the recipe for drinking boiled water with garlic to cure the virus with the promise that this method has been proven effective by a famous doctor in China. These claims spread throughout Singapore and into several other countries.

In addition, some other foods that are recommended by many people during the epidemic season are kimchi, chicken soup, herbs in traditional Indian medicine. At Myarmar, many people spread the word of placing ground pepper under the tongue to ward off viruses. In the Philippines, a scientist proposed using coconut oil for treatment.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) insists that the current measures are not preventable disease.

Dr. Ashan Pathirana, a leading medical expert in Sri Lanka, said there was no reason to say that herbs can act as an anti-virus shield.

Similarly, Dr. Wasim Khawaja, an expert at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, emphasized that there is no scientific evidence that proves that boiling water with garlic can cure a new strain of virus. “There is no scientific research on this topic,” he said.

What food should choose to prevent Coronavirus disease?

Smart food choices are an important way to help prevent Coronavirus.
Smart food choices are an important way to help prevent Coronavirus.

In fact, scientists around the world are still in the process of developing a vaccine against Covid-19. They also affirmed that no single fruit or food has such a miraculous effect that it could replace the expected vaccine to be 18 years before its use.

Therefore, the general advice for everyone is to regularly wash their hands, wear a mask in crowded places and increase their own resistance during the epidemic season.

According to the WHO recommendations, eating nutritious foods, drinking lots of water can provide essential nutrients for the body, help prevent infections caused by Covid-19 as well as accelerate the recovery process. .

Perilla chicken porridge, ginger, lemon juice, lemongrass, honey or fish dishes are some of the dishes and drinks that can help prevent and treat disease.

In addition, foods rich in vitamin A in ripe yellow fruits, vitamin C in oranges, grapefruit and green leafy vegetables, vitamin D in cod liver, chicken eggs, vitamin E in almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds Can help form the barrier to prevent the entry of viruses, bacteria, support activation, enhance the body’s immune system. Yogurt is also a food recommended by WHO to help inhibit virus replication.

However, focusing exclusively on certain food groups is not advisable. Diversifying meals by changing the way of cooking: frying, cooking, vegetarian, stir-frying, … with spices to ensure food safety, supplementing with healthy nutrients will help increase resistance for the whole family family.

In addition, WHO also advises people to avoid eating raw, re-processed, and unidentified foods, and instead should go to convenience stores, supermarkets, and certified food suppliers. all from reputable organizations.