Gene mutations increase risk of Covid-19 infection in young people?

A laboratory for corona virus causing the Covid-19 pandemic in China. Photo: Getty Images.
A laboratory for corona virus causing the Covid-19 pandemic in China. Photo: Getty Images.

Is a genetic mutation putting some young people at risk of serious illness after coronavirus infection? This assumption will be clarified in an upcoming study.

Many epidemiological works point out that the elderly and have underlying diseases are the most susceptible subjects to Covid-19.

However, the team of expert Jean-Laurent Casanova is interested and wants to explain that many young, healthy patients without background disease are also infected with Covid-19 with serious symptoms, according to US News.

“We are trying to find the genetic basis of healthy young patients infected with corona virus seriously ill,” said Casanova, who led the research at Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland.

The group plans to call 500 patients with Covid-19 to study and receive treatment. These patients are under the age of 50 and have no underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or pulmonary disease.

Based on the DNA of the patients, the study could identify gene mutations that make some young people susceptible to corona virus, Casanova said. Research results can help doctors determine which patients are most at risk of serious infection.

Identifying gene mutations also opens up hope for new treatments. For example, if the cells in a patient’s body are unable to generate immune molecules, cell replenishment could be a new direction.

The team has received many applications and started to sequence the genes of patients. However, it will take many years for people to see the results of this study. “This is a long-term effort,” Mr. Casanova said.

“We are grateful to be able to start this research so early. We hope the results of the study will be clinically significant in the next 2-3 years, ”Mr. Casanova said.

Earlier, the team successfully decoded the genomes of patients infected with viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. The most contagious type of infectious disease that Covid-19 the group has ever studied is pneumonia caused by severe flu.