Global Corona virus infections exceed 1 million, and deaths exceed 50,000

Medical workers in protective clothing pulled a patient on a street in Naples. Photo: Reuters.
Medical workers in protective clothing pulled a patient on a street in Naples. Photo: Reuters.

More than 1 million people worldwide are infected with the corona virus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University researchers. Covid-19 has appeared in 204 countries and territories.

The United States is currently the country with the largest number of cases, with at least 234,462 cases, while Italy and Spain also surpassed 100,000. Next, Germany recorded at least 84,246 cases and went to China, where the outbreak was reported by researchers at least 82,432.

Specifically, the researchers say that at least 1,002,159 people worldwide have been confirmed to be infected with corona virus.

This milestone was confirmed shortly after official Johns Hopkins University figures showed that the number of Covid-19 deaths worldwide had exceeded 50,000.

According to researchers at the US state of Maryland, 50,230 people have died from Covid-19 since the first case was discovered in Wuhan, China in late December 2019.

Italy recorded the most deaths so far with 13,915 cases, followed by Spain with 10,003 deaths. The United States is the third most heavily affected country with 5,316 cases.

Although more than half of the world’s people live under restrictive orders to prevent the spread of the disease, the corona virus continues to claim thousands of lives. Spain and the UK are the two countries with the highest daily deaths.

This pandemic also continues to wreak havoc on the global economy. The US recorded 6.65 million workers who applied for unemployment benefits last week, a record number, and Spain also reported the largest monthly increase in the number of people claiming unemployment. .

The epidemic also caused disruption in the election of the United States. Democrats have announced they will postpone the meeting to choose a rival to President Donald Trump in the November election until Aug. 17.

The decision came after candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden said that this conference would probably need to be postponed. The original conference is scheduled for July 13-16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.