Harvard and MIT dismissed students from school to avoid the Covid-19 epidemic

Harvard students pack their clothes from the dorm. MIT made the same decision. Photo: Getty Images.
Harvard students pack their clothes from the dorm. MIT made the same decision. Photo: Getty Images.

The top two universities Harvard and MIT require students not to return to the school, switch to online learning, and also leave the dormitory to limit Covid-19 spread.

According to the Boston Herald, the two schools made their announcements on March 10. In a letter to students, L. Rafael Reif, Principal of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said the decision was based on recommendations from state and federal health authorities to limit the spread of Covid-19.

“While the risk of MIT epidemics is still low, in the face of the epidemic spread in Massachusetts and elsewhere, we need to strengthen measures to protect the school community of staff, students and faculty. where we live, “said Reif.

MIT canceled all classes next week, announcing that college students will not return to school after spring break. Students need to move out of the dormitory on 14th and finish before noon 17/3. Online classes will start from March 30.

Harvard also took similar measures, requiring students to move out of the dormitory within 5 days, from 11 to 15 March.

“The decision to switch to online teaching is not easy. This change is towards limiting focus in large groups and sharing common spaces such as classrooms, canteen, dormitories with many others”, Principal Lawrence S. Bacow wrote in the notification email.

All classes are switched online after March 23, requiring students not to return to school.

“We have decided to do so not only to protect the children but also to ensure the safety of other members of the community who are more susceptible to infection than me,” she told students who might feel disappointed to have to leave school temporarily, away from classmates.

Shortly before, Amherst University in Massachusetts announced to switch to online learning from March 23, canceling classes on March 12 and 13 to give lecturers time to prepare to change teaching methods.

Similar measures have been taken at other schools such as Washington University, Stanford, Princeton and Columbia. In it, Stanford University recorded the case of a teacher positive for corona virus.

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