Hundreds of workers at the world’s largest meat factory suffer from Covid-19

Joesley Batista and Wesley Batista in order from right to left. Photo: AP.
Joesley Batista and Wesley Batista in order from right to left. Photo: AP.

The company shut down a number of factories because employees died from Covid-19. Hundreds of employees also confirmed positive for nCoV.

The world’s largest meat producer, JBS, of two Brazilian billionaire brothers, had to close several facilities in the US because more than 100 factory workers were positive for corona virus, the New York Post reported.

However, it is worth mentioning in the huge fortune and the scandals of these two billionaires. They are Joesley Batista (48 years old) and younger brother Wesley Batista (47 years old).

One of them owns a penthouse in Manhattan (USA). They also take control of a giant meat manufacturer with a slaughtering capacity of up to 13 million a day, with an annual revenue of an estimated $ 50 billion.

The two Batista brothers’ companies are under house arrest in the United States for accepting bribes, and are also accused of manipulating prices during the crisis in the Covid-19 epidemic. One of them is also thought to be involved in a corruption scandal that rocked South America.

According to Brazilian media, the two men were jailed for six months in Brazil for insider trading. They sold an apartment inside the Baccarat hotel in 2018 for $ 11 million – and used the money to pay fines and legal costs.

After admitting bribes of nearly 2,000 elected officials in Brazil to secure government funding for promoting the company’s expansion over the past few years, Joesley and Wesley Batista were fined more than 3.2 billion in 2017, the highest penalty in the country’s history.

Currently, JBS’s parent company is under investigation by the Justice Department along with the US Securities and Exchange Commission over bribery allegations.

Last year, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez called on the federal government to investigate the JBS group as well as alleged deals with the Venezuelan government after the company delivered the developing business relations with the administration of President Nicolas Maduro.

JBS is a company distributing beef and chicken under Pilgrim’s Pride and Swift. Last week, the company closed a factory in Greeley, Colorado (USA) because 4 workers died from Covid-19 infection.


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