India is about to sell a cure for Covid-19

A bottle of Favipiravir of Toyama Chemical, October 2014. Photo: Reuters
A bottle of Favipiravir of Toyama Chemical, October 2014. Photo: Reuters

Pharmaceutical firm Glenmark is expected to launch the Japanese market of Favipiravir by the end of June to treat mild and moderate Covid-19 patients.

The product, branded FabiFlu, is the first oral Favipiravir to be licensed and produced by the General Department of Pharmaceutical Control of India (DCGI) for the treatment of Covid-19, an official said at a press conference. online on June 19.

FabiFlu is expected to be sold in pharmacies across India by the end of June in the form of prescription drugs, tablets, content of 200 mg. Each FabiFlu 34-unit box costs 3,500 Rupees (over VND 1,076,000), according to Glenmark’s statement.

“FabiFlu has demonstrated an encouraging effect in treating mild to moderate Covid-19 patients in clinical trials,” said Glenn Saldanha, President and CEO of Glenmark. “Glenmark will work closely with the government and the medical community to help FabiFlu quickly reach patients across the country.”

According to clinical evidence, Favipiravir is 88% effective in improving the status of mild and moderate Covid-19 patients, noted in the age group from 20 to over 90. Favipiravir can be used for Covid- 19 suffer from co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease with mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms. The drug helps reduce viral load within 4 days and improves disease symptoms.

Favipiravir is one of several drugs being tested to treat Covid-19 (along with Ebola Remdesivir, the HIV drug combination Lopinavir / Ritonavir, the combination of Lopinavir / Ritonavir and Interferon beta drugs, among others).

Favipiravir was studied in China as an experimental drug in February. Italy, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and India are also testing the drug.

On May 29, Favipiravir was licensed by Russia to treat Covid-19 patients in hospitals.

Currently, India is the fourth largest epidemic region in the world, after the US, Brazil and Russia. The country recorded 441,643 cases, at least 14,027 deaths were recorded.

Covid-19 originated in Wuhan, China in late December, and has now affected 213 countries and territories, more than 9 million people infected and nearly 467,000 people died.