Iran’s vice president is infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Iran's vice president is infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

AP quoted an Iranian state newspaper saying that Iranian Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar was tested positive for the new strain of Coronavirus.

IRNA, an Iranian-owned newspaper, said the country’s vice president, Masoumeh Ebtekar, tested positive for the new strain of corona virus.

She is the third senior official of Tehran’s government infected with the corona virus after Iraj Harirchi – Deputy Minister of Health – and Mr. Mojtaba Zonnour – head of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in Parliament.

Iran's Vice President, Ms. Masoumeh Ebtekar. Photo: AFP.
Iran’s Vice President, Ms. Masoumeh Ebtekar. Photo: AFP.

Ms. Masoumeh Ebtekar is best known as an English spokesperson for Iranian authorities during the 444-day hostage crisis in 1979.

Ms. Ebtekar is currently the Vice President in charge of women and family affairs, after taking office in August 2017. She is the first female member of the cabinet of the Islamic Republic since 1979.

In addition to the three, Iran also noted another official infected with the corona virus, Mr. Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of the Iranian parliament of Tehran.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom said the current concern is what happens outside of China. Especially outbreaks in Iran, Italy and South Korea.

Iran on February 27 confirmed 7 more deaths from the new strain of corona virus in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of virus deaths in the country to 26. The country also had an additional 106 confirmed cases. The total number of virus infections is 245.

This raises questions about how the Tehran government responds to the public health crisis and whether Iranian officials have sufficient information or ability to control the spread of the virus.

“What’s happening to the rest of the world – that’s our biggest concern right now. Outside China there have been 3,474 cases and 54 deaths in 44 countries. We’re in decisive moment, “said Tedros.