Israel used anti-terrorism technology to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on March 14. Photo: Reuters.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on March 14. Photo: Reuters.

In an effort to combat Covid-19, the Israeli government proposed the use of terrorist tracking technology to monitor infected people.

On March 14, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli government is planning to use anti-terrorism tracking technology and shut down part of the national economy to minimize the risk of corona virus spread.

This surveillance technology will help locate people who have been in contact with patients who are positive for corona virus.

“We will soon use the technology … the digital media we used to fight terrorism,” the Israeli prime minister said.

Benjamin Netanyahu has asked the Israeli Justice Ministry to approve the plan because it could violate the privacy of the people.

Shin Bet, an Israeli internal security service, confirmed that the company was testing the feasibility of surveillance technology at the request of the prime minister and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Avner Pinchuk, a civil rights expert at Israel’s Civil Rights Association, said the technology will monitor infected people and detect where they have been and who they have met with Big Data (big data). .

“During my years as prime minister, I avoided using these devices in civilian activities. But right now, I have no other choice,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In an effort to curb disease outbreaks, the Israeli government has also closed shopping centers, hotels and restaurants since March 15. At the same time in case it is not really necessary, people should work from home.

However, important services such as pharmacies, supermarkets and banks will continue to operate in Israel. Israel has recorded 251 cases, 0 deaths and no one has recovered.