Italy had 627 deaths from Covid-19 in a day, far exceeding China’s record

Italy has become the country with the highest number of corona virus deaths in the world. Photo: Getty.
Italy has become the country with the highest number of corona virus deaths in the world. Photo: Getty.

Italy reported an additional 627 deaths, the highest increase on the day recorded in the country that spent four weeks fighting the Covid-19 epidemic.

With 627 new deaths, the total number of patients dying from Covid-19 in the epicenter of Europe reached 4,032 on March 20, an increase of 18.4% from the previous day.

On March 19, Italy surpassed China in the total number of deaths.

Up to March 20, Italy had never recorded more than 475 cases in a single day, while China, where the outbreaks were occurring, was witnessing a sharp decline in infections and deaths, never before. recorded over 150 deaths in a day.

The total number of infections in Italy on March 20 reached 47,021, compared with 41,035 cases a day earlier, up 14.6%, according to the Civil Protection Agency.

The hardest hit area in Italy – the Lombardy region is still in danger, with 2,549 deaths and 22,264 infections.

Among the cases nationwide, 5,129 have fully recovered, compared with 4,440 cases a day earlier.

Worldwide, at least 10,316 deaths from corona virus have been recorded since the outbreak in China, and more than half of all deaths are in Europe.

More than 250,000 cases have been detected in 161 countries and territories.

In China, in addition to immigration cases, the country did not record any new cases of corona virus infection in the country for the second day on March 19.

China also recorded only 3 deaths on March 19, the lowest level in days over the past two months from January 21, two days before China sealed off the city of Wuhan, where the disease outbreak started. .

According to data released by the National Health Commission of China on the morning of March 20, mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) recorded 39 new cases on March 19, all of which were who just entered China. This is the second consecutive day China has no new cases arising in the country.

In total, China has recorded 80,976 infections and 3,248 deaths in the mainland. Up to now, 6,559 people are being treated, with 2,136 serious cases.

The number of suspects counted on March 19 is 31, but no one is in Hubei, where Wuhan is the capital.