Italy has 2,158 deaths from the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Paris on March 16. France has issued strict national travel restrictions on the same day. Photo: New York Times.
Paris on March 16. France has issued strict national travel restrictions on the same day. Photo: New York Times.

The number of new Covid-19 infections in Europe continues to rise rapidly, as the world is still “freezing” gradually, and the blockade and border closure continues to be imposed.

The number of corona virus infections in Italy increased by 3,233 cases to 27,980 cases, as of March 16. The number of deaths increased by 349 to 2,158, according to the Italian Civil Protection Agency.

However, according to Reuters, the agency said it is still waiting for more data from the southern Puglia region and the northern Trento region. The number of cases continues to rise rapidly at the hottest epidemic center in Europe now.

Covid-19 is spreading to 162 countries and territories

Worldwide, more than 182,000 cases and 7,164 deaths as of March 17, according to the Worldometer website, which summarizes statistics on the Covid-19 epidemic.

There have been 162 countries and territories having cases, amid the world is gradually “frozen” with many blockade orders, and countries on March 16 continue to restrict travel and border closures. in an attempt to fend off invisible enemies that have entered their borders.

The number of new infections in Europe is increasing day by day. March 12 had 6,000 cases, March 13 had 7,000, March 14 had 8,000, March 15 had 9,000 and March 16 had 10,000, according to the New York Times.

France, the third largest outbreak in Europe, has issued a strict nationwide travel restriction on March 16 after closing a shop that was not enough to curb the number of cases, now has reached 6,600. Spain with 10,000 previous infections also ordered people to stay home, unless forced to go out or go to work

Ireland makes a worrying forecast when it says the number of infections could rise from the current 169 to a staggering 15,000 at the end of the month, or 2.5 times the number of cases in France today, the country’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. said.

The Czech Republic blocks some towns and prohibits people from traveling except for work. Georgia prohibits all foreign nationals from entering. The European Union (EU) is proposing closure for non-bloc citizens.

In the US, there have been 4,312 cases and 84 deaths, life continues to turn upside down when at least 10 states and Puerto Rico ordered the restaurant to close, (as of March 16). Seven million people in the Bay Area area around San Francisco on March 16 were ordered to stay home. Its northern neighbor, Canada, announced the closure of its border with all foreign nationals, except the United States.

Financial market continues to perform badly

In Southeast Asia, Malaysia declared a nationwide blockade, barring people from leaving the country for two weeks at the risk of becoming a new regional epidemic.

The Philippines, which previously blocked the Metro Manila area, March 16 extended the blockade to the entire Luzon coup, including travel restrictions, public transport stops, closing all nonessential shops. Thailand plans to close all schools, cinemas and bars.

According to Reuters, the financial market has the worst day in 30 years, despite urgent efforts from central banks. The US market fell 12-13%, trillions of US dollars of market capitalization “evaporated”. The European Union (EU) will fall into recession this year because of the Covid-19 epidemic, EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton said on March 16.

In positive developments, South Korea recorded 74 new cases on March 16, according to Reuters, a significant reduction compared to the days of dizziness spread the previous week. Mainland China continues to have a reduced number of cases, with Hubei Province reporting only one new case on March 16, according to AFP. But some big cities like Beijing and Shanghai are still dealing with “imported” cases from abroad.

Life in South America is starting to turn upside down although Covid-19 spread here later than Europe and North America. Ecuador and Peru, each with more than 50 cases, declared nationwide blockade on March 15. Colombia, with more than 50 cases, closed the border to foreign nationals. Costa Rica declared a state of emergency, also including closing with foreigners.

There are still resilient efforts in the middle of the tumultuous world. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch will still be handed over in Athens next week, but at an unattended stadium.

Meanwhile, China is planning to hold parliamentary meetings in late April or early May, according to Reuters.