Italy sent 10,000 medical students to graduate early to cope with Covid-19

Doctors treating patients with corona virus infection in Brescia, Italy. Photo: AFP.
Doctors treating patients with corona virus infection in Brescia, Italy. Photo: AFP.

The Italian Ministry of Health said the government allowed about 10,000 medical students last year to start working early to supplement their countermeasures against Covid-19.

According to Reuters, Minister of the University of Italy Gaetano Manfredi on March 17, the government of the country will allow final year medical students to start working 8-9 months earlier than expected, while also exempting the papers. Capital testing is required before students receive a diploma.

“This means that the national health system will have an additional 10,000 doctors, which is a fundamental step in dealing with the shortage of human resources that the country is facing,” Mr. Manfredi said.

Graduates will be mobilized to work in general clinics or private houses of the elderly, thereby helping doctors with practical treatment experience be transferred to overcrowded hospitals in Italy due to the number people infected with Covid-19 are increasing day by day.

To date, Italy has recorded 27,980 new infections of the corona virus. Since the outbreak in the country on February 21, the number of deaths has reached 2,158 cases.

Italy is the second most infected country with corona virus infection and death from the world after China. However, the incidence and mortality rate in Italy is many times higher than in China.

Italy has declared a state of emergency and blockade the whole country since March 10. The government in Rome has asked businesses to close and restrict the movement of people.

Mayors of many cities in Italy such as Rome and Milan have decided to close public parks and parks. The blockade in Italy will last until at least April 3.