Many basketball players support millions of dollars against Covid-19

Gobert gave a strong hand in support after his disdain for corona virus.
Gobert gave a strong hand in support after his disdain for corona virus.

Many stars at the American Professional Basketball League (NBA) have simultaneously made donations to overcome the consequences of Covid-19.

The US Professional Basketball League (NBA) once planned to play on the field without an audience, though, Rudy Gobert’s positive for corona virus caused President Adam Silver to declare an indefinite suspension.

Consensus from basketball stars

Rudy Gobert, the first player in the NBA to have a corona virus, is on the payroll of the Utah Jazz team. He was condemned for taking disregard for the disease, before being confirmed positive for corona virus two days later.

The French star spoke up to express her regret for touching the recording room in the press room and belongings of her teammates in Utah Jazz. Gobert concretized his repentance by donating US $ 500,000 to help the US, and a number of organizations back home against the epidemic.

NBA stars passed each other’s message to contribute to the corona virus. Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love announced his support of US $ 100,000 for the United States. Soon after, Blake Griffin, Giannis Antetokounmpo agreed to support the same amount. Part of the above is used to support NBA employees.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19 in the US, NBA President Adam Silver planned to host the match on a field with no spectators. However, the infection of Gobert and Donovan Mitchell led to the suspension of the NBA, and the decision was made within 24 hours.

The NBA season 2019/20 suddenly stopped when the regular season (the regular stage) was coming to the final stage. The most attractive basketball tournament in the world is disturbed in terms of organization, revenue from the sale of television rights and thousands of unemployed employees during this period.

Rising star Zion Williamson announced the pay for all staff in charge at the Smoothie King Gymnasium, the home ground of the New Orleans Pelicans. Stephen Curry spends money to provide a million meals for children to watch when schools are closed for Covid-19.

Golden State Warriors announced a $ 1 million donation to Oakland’s Disaster Relief Fund. Super star LeBron James’ I Promise School continues to open its doors to help needy children in Ohio. James states that disadvantaged students will receive free educational and medical assistance during the time of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Season of instability

The fluctuations this season caused NBA heavy losses in revenue.
The fluctuations this season caused NBA heavy losses in revenue.

The Covid-19 outbreak pushed the climax for the NBA’s unprecedented unpredictable season. In the preseason, the earthquake occurred on July 6, 2019 in Southern California. The impact of the earthquake affected Las Vegas, the venue of the New York Knicks match against the New Orleans Pelicans. After 15 minutes, the organizers decided to postpone to avoid risks.

By October, the NBA suffered heavy losses due to a statement from the Houston Rockets Team Director regarding political issues in Hong Kong. China was angry, taking action in response to suspending television coverage of NBA matches on its territory.

President Adam Silver claimed that the non-broadcast NBA matches in China cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

NBA 2019/20 is also the season of mourning. In December 2019, former NBA president David Stern died of a brain haemorrhage. Then, the legendary Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant suddenly died after a unfortunate helicopter accident in California.

The NBA was delayed because Covid-19 made the tournament in general and the teams in particular seriously affected. According to ESPN, every team in the NBA can earn millions of dollars after every game, just selling tickets. The next sources of revenue, from the sale of shirts, souvenirs, food, water, also bring in big money.

NBA’s worst loss lies in television rights. Since then, the revenue of 30 basketball teams in the NBA also seriously affected.

The players who deserve to enter the most intense stage, are also preparing ahead of the play-offs. However, the fact that the NBA was delayed indefinitely made the training plan, calculating the dropping point of the team, the coach and each individual player disturbed.