Many Indians have been criticized for going to the streets to gather and dance

The outrageous actions of a part of people were condemned by the netizens.
The outrageous actions of a part of people were condemned by the netizens.

The gathering action of a part of people amidst the spread of Covid-19 in India was widely criticized.

Starting March 22, India implemented daytime curfew to cope with the spread of Covid-19. Accordingly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on people not to go out in the streets between 7am and 9pm daily, according to NDTV.

Besides, Mr. Modi also called on people at 17:00 to stand at his window or balcony and clap his hands, knock furniture or ring the bell at the same time, creating a lively sound like thanks to those who still work and meet the basic needs of society, despite the country having to live in a blockade lasting for a day.

However, besides many cities to seriously implement the appeal, people in some places have acted excessively, taking the opportunity to gather, pouring down the street to play musical instruments, shouting to “cheer”.

On social networking site Twitter, many people share clips that record scenes that are crowded, even somewhat chaotic under the road. Many people don’t wear masks, screaming and screaming.

In some places, such as Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, government officials also lead and lead the delegation. Some people also believe that this cheering can bring “positive energy” to help fight off the virus, according to Quartz.

The practice of gathering in the streets was condemned by many Indian netizens, saying that instead of helping to limit the disease, the situation was made worse.

“This is not what Prime Minister Narendra Modi called. They do not understand what the isolation and restriction means,” Kiran Mazumda Shaw urged.

“The people in my friend’s area are still calling DJs to play music to cheer ‘repel’ corona virus. This is not only a crazy thing, but also an offense,” Nikhil Inamdar wrote on his personal page. .

As of March 23, the whole world had recorded 339.408 people with Covid-19, of which 15,204 people died. In India also recorded 415 cases, 7 deaths from Covid-19.

The country has also suspended the issuance of visas to international tourists and banned passengers from the European epidemic region. Immigrants in India are forced to quarantine for 14 days. The famous tourist attractions are closed.