Many people contracted Covid-19 in British hospitals

Cross-contamination of hospitals is a serious problem in the UK. Photo: AP.
Cross-contamination of hospitals is a serious problem in the UK. Photo: AP.

Hospital cross-contamination is becoming a serious problem, as up to 20% of UK inpatients are infected with Covid-19, increasing mortality.

Up to one in five hospital patients in the UK are infected with Covid-19 while being treated for other illnesses, the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK said. The virus is thought to have spread through hospital staff who carry the virus but have no symptoms, who are infected again from their patients, the Guardian said.

The figures represent the NHS’s first estimate of the size of the Covid-19 infection problem in hospitals that Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned last week of increasing the complexity of the disease.

In a briefing meeting last month on hospital infection control, NHS warned hospital managers that they found 10-20% of the inpatients in the hospital were infected with Covid- 19.

Hospital directors say their staff unknowingly infected the patient with the virus, because of insufficient personal protective equipment, or not being screened for virus screening. Doctors say infection in a hospital is a very serious problem and many inpatients have died after being infected with Covid-19.

“Many of the patients my department treated were inpatients before the social blockade had been infected with the virus and died. Apparently they were infected with Covid-19 from hospital staff and other patients, ”a doctor said.

The NHS director is still concerned about the extent of the problem that doctors call infection in hospitals. A recent study conducted by NHS staff in a hospital in northern England showed that 7% of hospital staff carry the virus, but no symptoms, leading to a very high risk of infection for patients. their.

Last week, Prime Minister Johnson admitted some people died after being infected with Covid-19 in the hospital and described the problem as an epidemic. Some doctors and health experts warn that NHS does not have reliable data on hospital infections.

However, the agency is issuing some guidelines to help hospitals prevent Covid-19 infection. A number of senior advisers on Covid-19 reported that cross-contamination in hospitals poses a risk of insecurity for patients who are coming to the hospital for planned surgery, when NHS tries to return to operation. normal activities like before the pandemic.

Patients and health workers expressed concern about the risk of cross-infection in the hospital. NHS needs to have adequate data on hospital infections early to prevent the spread and reassurance of patients and hospital staff.