Many people were shocked with drugs after the announcement of President Trump

Lagos police hand out leaflets to city residents to provide information about the Covid-19 epidemic. Photo: AFP.
Lagos police hand out leaflets to city residents to provide information about the Covid-19 epidemic. Photo: AFP.

At least 3 Nigerians were poisoned and one American died after an overdose of chloroquine, a special malaria medication said by Mr. Trump to treat Covid-19.

According to CNN, Nigerian health authorities have issued a warning about the use of chloroquine, a malaria remedy, after three people in Lagos capital poisoned after an overdose of the drug. .

In Phoenix, Arizona, a man died while his wife was in critical condition after using chloroquine to treat corona virus on her own.

US President Donald Trump last week at a White House press conference announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the “very effective” chloroquine to treat patients with corona virus.

“It’s showing encouraging initial results – very very encouraging. And we can make that drug almost immediately. And here we see the great FDA. They have undergo the approval process and complete it, shortening the time from months to immediately. So we can supply prescription drugs or give them to the states, “Mr. Trump said.

However, shortly after the press conference, the FDA issued a corrective notice that the agency did not approve the use of chloroquine to treat Covid-19, although it was still investigating its effectiveness in combating the virus. .

After Mr. Trump’s remarks, the price of chloroquine in Lagos – a megacity with 20 million people – soared, and people said drug prices had quadrupled in minutes.

Mr. Kayode Fabunmi, a lawyer in Lagos, said: “The drug dealers are knowledgeable about the market, and they tell the buyers, ‘You know, Donald Trump said that this thing can cure corona virus’, and so the price is constantly changing “.

The Lagos State Health Department issued a brief notice, stating “there is no evidence that chloroquine is effective in preventing or treating people infected with the corona virus”.

In Vietnam, a 44-year-old male patient was also admitted to Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi after taking many anti-malarial pills to protect himself against corona virus.

Immediately after drinking this patient had signs of hypotension, vomiting and forced bowel cleansing.

While doctors in China, the United States and some countries have used chloroquine to test treatment for patients with Covid-19 infection, there is not enough clinical evidence to show whether it is effective in humans or has disease control.

Dr. Michel Yao, Director of the World Health Organization’s Africa Emergency Response Program, shared that 20 drugs and a number of vaccines are currently being clinically tested to treat Covid. -19, but it’s too early to make recommendations about the effectiveness of any treatment.