Mr. Obama spoke rarely about the Covid-19 pandemic

Former US President Barack Obama. Photo: Occidental College.
Former US President Barack Obama. Photo: Occidental College.

In his latest tweet, former President Obama hinted that the US anti-Covid-19 action plan was somewhat slow and called for “action before it’s too late”.

“While we continue to wait for a specific national plan to cope with the pandemic, states like Massachusetts have begun implementing their own public health plans to combat the epidemic before it’s too late. ”, Former President Barack Obama wrote on his personal Twitter on April 22.

He included a link to an article titled “It’s not too late to attack against corona virus” by New Yorker.

“For weeks now, we have been following the way the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the United States. For most of the time, it seemed that the only thing to do was to fold arms, wait, and hope. We expect a vaccine to appear, although it is not sure how long it will take, ”the article wrote.

“In Massachusetts, the attack against corona virus began three weeks ago. During that time, we encountered all unforeseen problems. Each state is different, with its own complex. We have to find our own way. That’s why we started, ”the article stated.

In the previous state line, the former president wrote: “All of us have had to adapt to the pandemic. We should all be watching the young people who have been at the forefront of our planetary protection efforts for generations, and are more demanding of leaders of all levels. ” Obama still keeps an eye on emerging issues when he retires.

On April 9, Mr. Obama sent his advice to the US mayors and members of the rapid response team from more than 300 cities. “The biggest mistake any of us can make in these situations is false information.” “Tell the truth with compassion,” he said in an online meeting.

Mr. Obama did not mention President Trump by name, but only sent his message to the mayors attending the meeting.

The day before, Obama tweeted that “it would not be possible to loosen existing measures to combat the spread of corona virus without a” rigorous testing and monitoring system. ” He said that was unapplied nationwide.

In the morning of the same day, President Donald Trump tweeted that “the US must reopen its economy as soon as possible” and “those who have not lost a loved one must quickly forget the pandemic”.

The tone of the two US presidents about the Covid-19 translation shows the opposition.

Late last month, Mr. Obama called on Americans to continue implementing social spacing. In contrast, Mr. Trump offered to lift social isolation nationwide for two weeks to boost the economy.