New deaths from Covid-19 in Spain increased again

Medical staff at a Catalonia regional hospital, Spain on April 24. Photo: AFP.
Medical staff at a Catalonia regional hospital, Spain on April 24. Photo: AFP.

Spain recorded an additional 331 deaths from Covid-19, the day after reporting the lowest daily mortality in more than a month.

The Spanish Ministry of Health today said the number of deaths due to nCoV across the country increased to 23,521, ranking third in the world, behind the US and Italy. The number of deaths within 24 hours has rebounded just a day after officials recorded the lowest level in five weeks.

The number of cases increased by 1,831 cases to 209,465, while more than 100,000 people recovered.

The Spanish government said Covid-19 in the country reached a peak on April 2, when they reported 950 new deaths within a day. The country of nearly 47 million people has spent more than six weeks in a blockade, with only adults leaving their homes to buy food, food or take pets on walks.

From April 26, up to 3 children under the age of 14 in every Spanish household will be allowed to go out once a day for one hour between 9am and 9pm. They have fun outside under the supervision of one parent and do not go more than one kilometer from home. Many children poured onto the streets of Madrid shortly after the decision to relax the blockade.

All residents will be allowed to go out for exercise and walk from the next weekend. The Spanish government is expected to announce a larger blockade easing plan on April 28 and the measures can be taken from the second half of May, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said.

Covid-19 originated in China in December 2019, appeared in more than 200 countries and territories with more than 3 million cases of nCoV, more than 207,000 deaths and nearly 883,000 have recovered.


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