New York broke out, President Trump said it was a national test

"This solution is worse than the problem," Mr. Trump said on March 24. Photo: AP.
"This solution is worse than the problem," Mr. Trump said on March 24. Photo: AP.

Covid-19 cases soared in New York on March 24, making it the latest epidemic in the US.

California also warned it could become the next site with such spikes.

New York City, home to more than 8 million people, has confirmed 157 deaths and about 15,000 corona virus infections. This figure accounts for nearly a third of all US infections.

New cases also account for more than half of the new confirmed cases in the United States on March 24, although this place has already imposed strict limits.

President Donald Trump has declared a major disaster in New York and Washington state. The president also said he would soon do the same thing with California and promised to use “all resources” to fight the epidemic.

“We are going through a major national test,” Trump said at a press conference calling for Americans to keep social distance.

According to Reuters, President Trump has expressed frustration with the economic consequences of Americans staying home from the epidemic and wishing the country to return to work at Easter.

US President Donald Trump said on March 24 that he wanted the US economy to reopen on April 12, on Easter, even if the disease situation could get worse. according to CNBC.

“I want the country to reopen and be ready to do it at Easter,” Mr. Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

Many experts and local leaders have warned of easing the restrictions too soon. They say it could increase the pressure on hospitals, leading to even more deaths and economic losses.

However, Trump said on March 24 that he believed the casualties would increase if Americans continued to stay home.

“This workaround (restrictive measures) is worse than the problem (disease),” Mr. Trump said. “In my opinion, many people will die if we let this continue.”

A White House official said the president didn’t view Easter as the day he started to open everything, but the day the economy accelerated again.

That means the relaxation of restrictions will start much earlier. The official said the focus now remains on how to achieve it phased in and to address demographic and geographic challenges.

Mr Trump told Fox News later the same day that he was aiming for Easter because “churches across the country will be full and I think it will be a good time.”

Mr. Trump also said that people can continue to be hygienic and perform social isolation even when returning to work.

On March 24, Mr. Trump also expressed frustration with the economic consequences of millions of Americans staying home and comparing the corona virus to the flu.